Shooting in New Zealand


Can I ask what makes him right wing? His view on economics, capitalism or restricted government?

Maybe right wing is being used as a slur that s not appropriate?

I don’t even think far right wing is an accurate description. Certainly right wing is not appropriate.


Two more shocking facts:
In 2017 New Zealand had a total of 48 homicides in 2017. In 2014 it had a total of 5 gun-related homicides.


Please forward your information to the New Zealand authorities, since you apparently have fact that they don’t.


Boy this devolved into “blame the victims” pretty quickly.


Are you trying to make a point?

What NZ authorities are you referring to?

Are you aware of the difference between subjective descriptions and memes for political reasons and objective facts?


I don’t know if we know enough about the accused to make a full assessment, but comparisons have been made to Hans Breivik, and I would be comfortable calling Breivik a far right extremist. It’s a kind of right wing radicalism, sort of the mirror image of left wing extremism. Left wing extremists ape the trotksy-esque notion that society basically needs to be blown up to usher in the promised land, whereas the right wing extremist believes that society needs to be pulled back in time to the promised land that was before all the left wing radicals came along. The two ideologies are symbiotic.


Opposition to insanities of Left wing extremists do not make one automatically right wing.

Left wing and right wing are binary descriptions regarding politics.

There are so many disparate groups against the insanities of different Left wing politics.

Putting them all in the basket of ‘right wing’ is not accurate nor logical.

Describing them as wanting to go back in time is also an inaccurate pejorative coming from the mindset the left side of politics.

This all stems from the false attribution by the Left of Nazi National Socialism as being extreme right wing and people against Left multi culturalism as being in the same vein as Nazi’s.

That way of thinking is indoctrinating for political reasons, inaccurate by objective facts and a Left wing meme that is now being challenged as it should be.


How disgusting. There was women and children there. These weren’t extremists.


I didn’t say everyone who opposed the left are radicals. But there are certainly right wing radicals. Killing a bunch of kids on an island just off the coast of Oslo because they were members of a left wing youth camp , sorry, that makes Breivik a right wing extremist.


Maybe we should just grieve and pray for the victims before engaging in inane partisan slapfights. Just a thought.


Breivik called himself a Knight Templar, and believed he was going to pave the way for a Christian European uprising against Islam. The man’s entire worldview was predicated on the notion that Europe had lost a state of grace and should boot out the Muslims and re-erect a kind of Christian medieval utopia. If you’re going to lump him in any sphere, it’s going to be the far right.


I would go back to a proper description of right wing and left wing politics in their own right rather than an opposition to somebody else’s politics.

The example of Hitler’s National socialism being against Soviet Socialism is the pretext of calling Nazis right wing. This is clearly incorrect.

Yes, Breivik was against Left politics. But that does not make him automatically on the right side of politics. This is the same mistake. You have to define right politics on its own terms rather then someone opposing a certain brand of Left wing politics.


Why far right?

He was quite open that he wasn’t a Christian.


Then support the retraction of the description of ‘right wing’ in the opening post and we can all stop. People do not continually get a free hit though and expect the other side to remain silent. That is unjust if people expect that.


This seems more like an attempt to distance the right from its own nutjobs. Breivik, by any definition, was right wing.


Breivik made quite clear he identified as Christian


Like it or not, Hitler’s chief supporters in the early 1930s were German conservatives. Some thought him a buffoon. Franz von Papen convinced Hindenburg to appoint Hitler chancellor, and von Papen was no socialist. Hitler’s chief political opponents were the German left. Hitler’s ideology is hard to square with political norms, but the German right adopted him readily enough.

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People in the U.S. May try to pass gun control because of this :frowning:

This guy truly lost it on the Internet

He mentioned the innocent YouTuber Pewdiepie and now Pewdiepie is getting tons of hate for something he isn’t involved in
So pray for him

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