Shootings demonstrate need for gun control, USCCB says


Murder and our response to it is not removed from religion.


I am sorry,then,but if you think that because you didn t vote them they are not your Bishops,and meaningless,one doesn’t t even know where to start from…
And I mean it, you ve got to start from scratch somewhere where you understand how our Church works .
How can one say " I didn t vote them",your Bishops, in a Catholic context?
Not the brightest light here,but that is incomprehensible for a Catholic…
I do not know whether you are interested to move forward and perhaps read the Compendium to have some approach to this discussion.
Let me know and I look for the link.
We aren t born knowing BTW,we all need to learn something.


what do you mean by a beefed national background system?

what would you add that would have stopped him.


no thanks, I know plenty well how the Church works, and i meant what i said, i didn’t vote for em. They are not my boss , and they are by no means any kind of leader in my life.


Having the Air Force and the Pentagon properly upload disciplinary records


Here we go.
It is kind of a sad situation, but I am at the point where I breathe a little sigh of relief when I find that I agree with the USCCB.


You are welcome.


USCCB is always wading into issues which are left to prudential judgement, but are usually all zipped up when it come to issues which violate the moral order of society. Time for the USCCB preach the faith and not the newest fad of the day. I have worked in politics, the USCCB has no idea as to how much consultation has to go on, on various issues and cannot trust politicians on issues of prudential judgement… are always ready to second guess politicians who might have a greater comprehension, and balancing the issue than they do. But when it comes to issues when they should speak up loudly and boldly almost always there are crickets chirping. Usually they go against the soft targets - politicians who are on the right of the spectrum.


By that reasoning you could relate anything in life to religion, and the bishops are free to opine on it all, and I’m free to continue to not hold my breath on it because I usually already have a well-informed opinion long before they chime in.


It’s this sort of thing that makes me continue to lose respect for the USCCB. They even rendered an opinion on rifle magazine size that mirrored what radical “progressives” were pushing for.


Hold on a moment. It’s not a matter of “beefing” anything. It’s a matter of ensuring that vital information is uploaded into the existing system (as required by law) so that the system can do what is was supposedly designed to do.


Don’t “lose respect” for them, just feel free to set their opinion aside as you would with a group of medical doctors who decided to release a statement of their thoughts on religion on the basis that patients pray and sometimes die so religion and the afterlife relate to the practice of medicine. They are free to have the opinion but who cares.


Keep in mind, the county in which the killer resided also did not upload his arrest information that would have also kept him from buying ANY firearm.


How about criminal prosecution for bureaucrats who do not properly advise the NICS?


The Bishops are being quite vocal these days on immigration too. And birth control and abortion. And now gun control. None of those have much to do with religion, per se.


Houston,we have a problem…
This is the voice of your USCCB. That is to say:


This also:

And obviously this :

So by " opinion"…I ’ d scrape a little further.,TisBear.
They’ve done their reading…
That is a whole of an army …

And thanks Bishop Di Nardo,now Cardinal for taking care of us,your sheep,while there in the Galveston -Houston Archdiocese.


TK421 - I am a Brit, who is therefore not burdened with such as a written constitution, or the likes of the 2nd Amendment.- thank God. I also believe that the main thrust of the 2nd Amendment is that civilians should [given the constraints of age and issues of sanity] be allowed to bear arms within a militia context - rather like your National Guard, of the British ‘Territorial Army’/Army Reserve. I don’t think those who penned the 2nd Amendment envisioned the majority of citizenry being able to own personal armouries of weapons in their own homes and out on the streets.

p.s. The first 16 years of my life was in an Army environment, and as a Cadet armourer I learned to be a marksman with all sorts of weapons, but I am quite happy to leave things up to the Police, and if necessary the Military, to ensure my safety and that of my family, here in the UK. The rate of murder and suicide, especially by gun, is far lower here than in the States, pro rata. Oh, I don’t think that God allows guns into Heaven.


Neither do I…it is said… St Peter has a “weapon detector” ( :wink: )


Abortion and birth control arguably have a lot to do with our religion because they are two areas where the Catholic Church has taken a view significantly opposed to the state view or generally accepted public view on the subject. In other words, to follow the Church guidance you have to go against the tide of public opinion. You could probably add gay marriage to that list too.

By contrast, the bishops’ statement on guns pretty much just repeats things that are already acceptable to most of the general public. It’s a safe statement, not a showstopper, so I tend to think “why bother”.


Yesterday, someone posted on Facebook, a close-up photograph of a fully automatic MACHINE GUN … that was not only HOME MADE, but also fired 12 gauge shotgun shells.

It was tiny … the size of a pistol.

So unless you ban all machine tools, files, screw drivers, small pieces of metal, there is no way to eliminate guns.

I would prefer the USCCB to TEACH Catholic morality and doctrine … you do not go around hurting your fellow man and you do not go around taking their stuff.

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