Shootings demonstrate need for gun control, USCCB says


You’re the one who believes them on abortion but not guns. Cath13 is somewhat more consistent in believing them on neither.


Clinton was accused of rape, while his wife trashed his accusers.
This is the problem with this whole situation. The left will defend their scoundrels, while Moore has been deserted by the Republicans. On the hand, we all seem willing to assume guilt.
None of these guys are altar servers


By any scientific measure, this is false.
By committing abortion, a doctor takes a life every time


Half of all Catholics believe abortion should be legal in all or most cases, according to a poll commissioned by The Washington Post and ABC.
And . . .
Many religious traditions, including a number of denominations of Christianity, are ambivalent about the beginnings of life. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and many American Baptists don’t believe abortion is akin to murder. Presbyterians concede that they “may not know exactly when human life begins” and encourage their followers to make their own careful decisions on abortion. Unitarians are more overtly pro-choice and “believe not only in the value of life itself but also in the quality of life.”


excuse me?

just because i agree with something they believe in doesn’t mean i even agree on everything they say on that issue.

you need to check your assumptions.


saying the left maybe a bit of a stretch. many minority groups are waking up and going pro-gun.

saying most democrat politician would ban guns if they could is probably more correct.

they have already moved beyond rifles in their current proposal.

the current bill if passed would ban the glock 17. the beretta 92, the CZ75, the Luger P08 and the HK VP70 would also be forbidden.

keep your heads in the sand


do polls now determine what a sin is?

a poll a few years ago had 98% of catholic women using birth control. which was proven misleading. polls had hillary a shoo-in to win the presidency. it all depends on who they ask and what questions are asked.

do you place your faith in a protestant religion?

Life begins at birth. Abortion is a medical procedure.

please defend this position from the catechism.


The bishops of the world should tell us wht to do when it is within their realm of expertise. They have no expertise whatsoever in the matter of regulating weapons, as is obvious from the comments they made.

They would have been far, far ahead if they had stated that the US needs to get on the issue of treating mental illness, and those who have mental problems which may lead to violence (including suicide) need to be identified and treated, and potentially possibly prevented from purchase or ownership of weapons.

Violence is a moral issue - and so is other crime.

The bishops my have a moral issue with violence and crime, but that does not equate with any expertise whatsoever in regards to weapons.

In jurisdiction after jurisdiction where Concealed Carry is permitted, crime statistics go down.

There has not been a mass shooting (with the possible exception of the Major in Texas who killed a number of military) where there has not been evidence of serious mental disturbance/illness. One does not, in their right mind, go about killing children, or opening fire on a large crowd.


Although it seems doubtful that numerous denominations are ambivalent about the beginning of life, science is not conflicted on the matter. As a matter of science, this question has been resolved: life begins at conception.


I second that abortion is MURDER.


The bishops are not ignorant of what their competence is - certainly no more ignorant than you. And they apparently think the statement they made is within their competence to make it. I tend to believe them over some random person on the internet. Besides, I don’t see why it takes special knowledge of weapons technology to comment on what good and what evil can be done with them.


The bishops are a real authority. It is not a fallacy to treat them as such.


Isn’t that a real possibility? People have been known to act on narrow selfish interests. It is not so strange that the bishops would acknowledge this possibility and exhort people not to do it.

Could you restate that argument? I don’t quite follow what you are saying here. Are you saying upholding an amendment to the Constitution has the same moral weight as saving lives lost to gun violence?

Citing air travel is not meant to extended to all situations in exactly the same way. It is just meant to show that at least in one scenario gun control does work - just for those who say gun control never works. Actually I have seen gun supporters in this very thread who have implied that it would be better if we did not have gun control on passenger airplanes either.



according to a 2015 review

In all, so-called “Red Teams” of Homeland Security agents posing as passengers were able get weapons past TSA agents in 67 out of 70 tests — a 95 percent failure rate, according to agency officials.

don’t feel so secure next time you get on a plane when only 5% of the weapons have been found.

this is the problem with gun control. if someone decides to break the rules: 1.) you don’t about it 2.) if you followed the rule you are defenseless


I said there have been virtually no murders or suicides on passenger airplanes. Really. What you cite does not refute that claim.

You are not actually calling for an end to the ban on carrying guns on aircraft, are you?


you used it as a pro gun control argument.

i showed you that even with scanners, body checks, etc. 95% of weapons got thru.

that is how gun control works, it only takes guns away from those who follow the law.

i believe the locked cockpit door has prevented any further incidents and it has very little to do with guns. the number of failed test tends to prove me right.

no, but only because it would increase check-in time …hahahahahaha


there isn’t consensus among the bishops; so, why would you expect the rest of the church to follow them.


Knee-jerk “official” reactions demonstrate the need for press release control. I would think (my bad!) that the USCCB would be more preoccupied with vociferously proclaiming the Gospel and changing human hearts. Apparently, it’s OK to go to hell and lead others there - as long as you don’t use a gun to do it?


Appeal to authority.

First of all, saying “you don’t see why” means your following statement lacks person confidence.

Second, it’s really important to know what you are talking about. A lot of times, the USCCB sounds like it does not.


The fact that they are an authority is what causes the fallacy in the first place.

BTW, do you follow the bishops on so-called gay “marriage” and not equating abortion with climate change?

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