Shopping during the sermon?


[]Luminescent white letters at the new Heartland Community Church proclaim “A different way to do church.”

That motto won’t ever be blamed for false advertisement.

The independent church welcomed its congregation of 5,000 people Saturday to its new location at the rehabbed Colonial Village Mall, a 150,000-square-foot state-of-the-art building that could have been confused for a trendy shopping center. Churches don’t usually serve fresh gourmet coffee, have large flat-screen TVs everywhere and allow people to shop at a bookstore during the sermon


All my hubby could say was: I thought Jesus threw out the money changers and all those that were selling and buying in the Lord’s House. (Mt 21)

What do you think?


Well, we have coffee and chats after Mass at my parish. As for the money changers…
Apparently the money changers were really EXCHANGERS, the Jews needed shekels to donate to their synagogues. They could not use the Roman coins because their was an image of Caesar on them, the money changers would exchange their coins for shekels and they were over-charging the Jews for the service and that’s what made Jesus angry.
It wasn’t actually the act of conducting business that bothered Him because the money changers were performing a necessary service to the devout Jews, however when they started OVER charging for their service, knowing that the Jews had no other recourse.


Oh, I never knew that! Thank you for the explaination! I always kind of worried about Church bazarrs and things like that. (I know - I’m a bit scrupulous):o


looking at the title gave me a bad moment, I actually found myself doing this, the priest was visiting from some Central American country, if he had stuck to Spanish I could have followed him a little, but he preached in very broken English. My mind wandered, I dug in my purse to get the envelope out, and actually started making notes about what to pick up at the grocery store after Mass on the back of the envelope! I came to me senses quickly but I certainly got nothing out of that sermon–except that lesson, sit still, listen and shut-up even when you can’t understand what is going on.


I heard that Jesus was angry because the money (ex)changers were inside the worship area, as opposed to the area outside that area, where they were supposed to be. As for church bazaars, it’s alright if it’s in the hall, not the sanctuary.


That’s how our Priest (well, one of them, we’re blessed with 3, but it’s a very big parish) explained it to us in a recent sermon. He’s a very learned priest, so I’m guessing it’s the right explanation.



I think I’m glad I became Catholic when I did. Protestantism as a whole is losing its collective mind, and it’s getting worse by the minute.


I have also heard that theory. They occupied the Court of the Gentiles. This was the furthest that a non-Jew could come into the Temple. Their activities had crowded the Gentiles completely out of the Temple and showed a complete disinterest in their spiritual welfare.

This theory fits well with Jesus’ mission to bring all into the worship of God.


This is a quote from the link in the OP.

"With such a facility, Kellie Morelock believes it shouldn’t be hard to entice people to attend the church.

“It makes it a lot easier” to come to church, she said."


Isn’t it a case of we go as we love to worship Jesus?
Some weeks can be harder than others maybe due to poorer health etc, but we love God more than anything, and do all we can to get there.
Why do people think the ambience has to be state of the art? Is it because these denominations are truly lacking the Real Prescence?


Maybe: I’m not sure… However reading this reminded me of another thing that was in the article:

Staring at all of the new improvements, Toby Luxton was impressed by what he saw. Especially the TVs.

Now I love going to different Catholic Churches and viewing the the windows etc. So I can understand being in awe by the space…

However to be impress with the TV’s :confused: Can’t I go down to the nearest Best Buy and be impress with TV’s?


Another reason to throw out the lousy pews and stand in the presence of the Lord.



Tell that to all of the elderly and handicapped people at church.


In every traditonal church that follows the canons of Nicaea and does not have pews seats were always in place for the elderly, infirm, and pregnant women. My suggestion is for all of the rest.


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