Shopping on a Holy Day?


I have a non-Catholic family member who loves taking me shopping whenever she comes to visit, and it just so happens that her next trip to me is on the Feast of Corpus Christi. Is it a sin to allow to her buy me something (it would definitely be something unnecessary, like a new dress) because it gives her enjoyment, or should I just tell her that I can’t go shopping that day? I do intend to go to Mass that day even though I think the feast is transferred, so I will be doing my best to make sure I keep the Lord’s day holy.


I faced a similar problem when my Grandma wanted to take me shopping on Holy Saturday! I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


In this country Corpus Christi is not a holy day of obligation, it’s celebrated on Sunday. If you choose to go to Mass or observe the day that’s fine (even laudable) but not mandatory. If you want to go shopping you’re not doing anything wrong in my opinion.

Shopping on Sundays and holy days is a rather different question and you’ll get a variety of opinions on the matter.


Check out Dies Domini by St. JP2. He explains that holy days are for worshipping God and spending time with family and friends. Shopping with her would seem to qualify as the latter. We are supposed to avoid unnecessary work, we are not required to refrain from all outside or even commercial activity in the manner of the OT Sabbath. Enjoy yourself.


i have the same doubt because:

I love to go to the malls and stuff, so for me going there is more like a recreation activity.

but on the other side i still get some people have to work if i buy something.


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