Shopping on Holy Saturday


Hi everyone!
My Protestant Grandma is coming down to my family’s house for Easter. She is arriving on the afternoon of Good Friday, and it leaving early Easter Monday morning. She can’t stay any longer or come any earlier because of work. I know she plans on taking my sister and I to the mall to go shopping. She looks forward to taking use occasionally because it is usually good bonding time, and she is fun to shop with. Unfortunately, it seems we’ll go shopping some time on Holy Saturday. I told my Mom that I really preferred not to go shopping during the Easter Triduum, but she said it is on the only time. I suppose I could refuse to go shopping, but I am afraid that would come off as rather rude and hurt my Grandma’s feelings, as she has been planning to take us shopping for a month or more. I know shopping on Saturdays is usually permissible, but on Holy Saturday, would it be? Thank you for your response! Have a nice evening, and God bless you!


Yes, you can go shopping on Saturday, including Holy Saturday. Please don’t be scrupulous.


This is a no-brainer, as it definitely isn’t worth possibly hurting your grandma’s feelings over this. So definitely go shopping with your Grandma, and make sure to have a good time, too! :slight_smile:

Also, I am not sure where u had heard that shopping on Saturday is usually permissible. It is always permissible. ^.^


Its fine to go shopping with her on Holy Saturday. But if you are really worried about it, try to be finished before 8PM (that’s the time most Easter Vigils start).

God Bless


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