Shopping on Sunday for fun: sinful?

If you like to walk around at stores for fun is it sinful? Because, yes, I know shopping on Sunday can be sinful. I’m going to hang out with some friends later today, but I have some time to kill. I’m really bored sitting at home, and was wondering if it would be sinful for me to go “shopping.”

I put “shopping” in quotes because I don’t plan to buy anything. Just look. And since this isn’t needed, would I be doing unneeded work on Sunday?

I don’t think I’d be causing others to work, since I’m walking into a store and don’t plan to buy anything. By the way, I’m talking about big-box retailers that will still be open whether I go or not.

Is this sinful?

I’ve never really understood not working on Sundays. I believe the intent is to make sure one makes time for God and family, and since Sunday is the day we celebrate Mass, Sunday was put aside for these reasons. I’ve never personally seen a problem with working or what-not on a Sunday as long as I go to Church and make sure I’m being social (strengthening the relationships God has blessed me with).

If someone else has a good answer for this, I too would be very interested in hearing it.

Oh, and I should also mention that I will be “shopping” with part of my family. If I don’t go, then I’ll be sitting at home alone -as they think it’s fine. But I don’t know.

This came up in my RCIA. We were told that as long as it’s not stopping you from attending mass and you don’t completely neglect to focus on God then there’s nothing wrong with enjoying yourself on a Sunday.

Sin is known from your intention. Why would you put yourself into a situation where you may be tempted to sin? But if your intention is family unity and not on yourself, then there is no sin. If you are shopping for someone in need, there is no sin. You must guard against the temptation of self pleasure and keep the focus on God.

I went partly because my family was going, and partly because I wanted to. Our family needed some things apparently, but I didn’t. I didn’t buy anything for myself (besides pizza and a brownie). This wasn’t sinful, was it?

Also, the Lord’s Day isn’t supposed to be of suffering (work), but it’s not supposed to be pleasurable? What? We’re supposed to think of the LORD, but I don’t understand why we can’t have fun that day.

wworld:For many years the church preached that noone should shop on Sundays.Later astimes changed and many people worked more hours or were unable to shop during the week the church relaxed its restrictiions and allowed people to shop on Sundays.Remember:only if it was necessary.The principle involved has never changed.Therefore if one has no time to shop for fun during the week and it is a necessity for one to shop for fun,the same rule would apply.I would try to break myself of this habit.Find something else you like to do to have fun.Sunday is the Lords day.we should all try to devote our time to the Lord on Sunday .

Depends on what you’re buying.

Necessaries like groceries and clothing are definitely okay. Sporting goods are okay too. I personally draw the line at electronics stores like Best Buy because (1) there’s a difference between resting and being sedentary, and (2) there is a temptation to buy work-related things there.

What’s definitely not okay is going to Office Depot/Max/Staples/etc. and buying things for your office, or worse, actually going to your office and working. Of course if there’s some impending Deadline of Doom™ and there is no way to avoid working on Sunday, then you don’t have any discretion to not do it and so there’s no sin.

Well… since I don’t have a job (only a student), would the Best Buy Rule still pertain to me? I went to Target today, and I wanted to go to Best Buy (we’ve [my family] been trying to go since Friday, and now we’re pushing it back to next Friday), but we couldn’t.

I personally wouldn’t go but that’s because technology tends to either disperse me or lead me to overwork (Exhibit A: here I am on CAF when I should be asleep). I tell children to stay away from Best Buy largely because I know many of them spend an inordinate amount of time online, and some of them enjoy playing M-rated video games (they are 14-16 years old).

Assuming you don’t have my issues (dispersion/workaholism) or their issues (Facebookism/Xboxism) I think it’s a prudential call. Don’t be scrupulous.

Edit: some examinations of conscience have a sin entry for buying anything not of necessity on Sunday. So do ask whether what you are proposing to buy is truly necessary.

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