Shops closed for the day where you live?

I was struck today and this evening driving through my local city and a larger one,just how peaceful and quiet the streets were:)Yes the big familiar 'Mc 'was open,some of them shut though,and the fuel stations open…but that was it! No supermarkets open.So nice to think of everyone home.
Were the shops closed where you live?Maybe you could take notice today if you are just entering the day.

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Merry Christmas! Yes a good number of shops here are closed or have limited hours. I am happy about that.

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There are many places are closed today.

Some supermarkets are open for limited hours for last minute shoppers, especially the ones that offer the catered holiday dinners, like those pre-made ham or turkey dinners that you just have to “heat and eat.”

We have supermarkets here that offer those, and they stay open long enough so that the customers who ordered them can come in and pick them up.

Many restaurants are open for those who don’t want to make their own Christmas meals today, either.

Some of the convenience and gas/petrol stations are open, and some 24 hour pharmacies are open.

Other than that, the major retailers are closed today.


Most places close. The convenience store is open, and a couple of fast food places, which is nice for those of us who do not like to cook on a holiday. Edited to add, or for those who are working today, such as first responders, who need to have a place to be able to stop and eat.

I remember a Christmas I spent years ago in Iceland, where every single business closes including convenience stores. The convenience stores open again at midnight, and the minute the doors opened, dozens of people were rushing in to buy things, including me and the person with whom I was staying as she had no food in the house except cereal and I was starving to death.

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Everyplace closed here. Those that do not get so much angry feedback it’s bad for business if they persist.
Feliz Navidad, OGM2!

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Hi Clare! Good to see you. Merry Christmas!

Certainly in my town the biggest places were shut- all the main shops, supermarkets, some petrol stations, most restaurants and takeaways plus all public services.

A handful of pubs and clubs are open later on in the day for meals on a strict reservation-only basis, as well as a few convenience stores.

Merry Christmas, Clare! :christmas_tree: :heart:

I hope that you have a most blessed Christmas season, and I also wish you a happy and healthy New Year, too, filled with all good things and many blessings for you and your family!

The only business I noticed that was open on Christmas Day was the bakery next to the church. This is totally normal, as it’s unthinkable to go a day without bread in France. :open_mouth: :baguette_bread: In any event, even that bakery was closed by 1pm.

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Everything was closed here but a FEW convenience shops and Walgreens ( a drug store) that is open and known for it 24 hours a day every day of the year.

Walmart, Hy-Vee (our grocery store) , and all department stores were closed!~

I have worked in retail before and I thrilled to see so many of those who work in retail receive Christmas as a day off.


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