Short, excellent video on the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael--who are celebrated during their feast day, Saturday, September 29, in 2018


"Today we turn our gaze to the angels…

Angels are bodiless beings created to adore and enjoy God in heaven….
created to minister at the throne of God……serve him as messengers and guardians.

Their presence and activity are mentioned in the Sacred Scriptures…

Three of these angels we acknowledge and celebrate today: Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.

Michael is an angelic minister of God’s judgment. He drove Satan out of heaven.
He is the angel who escorts the souls of the departed into heaven.
He is also considered to be the protector of the Church.
In the Book of Revelation he joins in the cosmic conflict between good and evil.

In the Old Testament Gabriel is an interpreting angel…he explains visions and dreams.
In the New Testament Gabriel announces the birth of John the Baptist
and announces to the Blessed Virgin Mary that she was to be the Mother of God.
Gabriel is the archangel concerned with messianic fulfillment.

Raphael is an angel of healing and service sent by God to Tobit, his son Tobias and his wife Sarah.

As we contemplate the activity of these divine creatures
our hearts are stirred to a hopefulness about the meaning of our existence
and about our Catholic vision of the world and its future."
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My parish feast!


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