Short forms of the Divine Office?

Hi guys,

Does anyone have a short form of the office that a busy person could say?

I’m looking for something that is relatively quick, as I really want to be able to pray the Hours, but as I’ve adopted a new prayer routine, I am finding it hard to say the full Morning and Evening in the Breviary.

Something that takes about 5 minutes to say would be great, but post any you’d like here so others can use this thread in the future. Also, I’d prefer if they had Psalms in them rather than just prayers throughout the day in the form of the Office.


Hmm… Liturgical Press no longer prints the Short Breviary that my suit your situation. An alternative would be to use the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

But are you talking about the old 1 week Psalter Breviary or the modern 4-week Psalter?

I was using the modern 4-week Psalter.

I already have the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary saved on my computer (hence I’ve not used it yet as I don’t have the printed version), but I’m not sure if it would really suit my purposes.

Does anyone have any others?

Oh and while I’m here, does anyone have the old version (Tridentine) of the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary?


There’s Christian Prayer: Liturgy of the hours which is a single-volume version of the Divine Office, (Only one cylce I think)

And Shorter Christian Prayer Which is a smaller version of the above.

The old Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary is printed by Bonaventure Publications and Angelus Press. Baronius Press is coming out with a fresh imprimatured one. Personally I don’t pray the Little Office so I’m not sure about its availability online. A pre Pope St Pius X Latin-English version one can be found at It looks longer that the modern office :stuck_out_tongue:

There is also something called “A Shorter Prayer During the Day” that extracts from the UK Divine Office.

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