Short, quick, spiritual reading

I’ve encountered quite a dilemma in my reading habits recently: I never finish any book that I start! I either lose interest in the book, lose my place, get caught up in other activities, or, in a most recent twist, lose the book entirely! :frowning:

Does anyone have any recommendations for some short, quick, 250-pgs.-or-less books for the purpose of spiritual reading?

Thanks in advance.

Andy, get a bookmark! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll have to peruse my self before I make specific recommendations.

The Encyclicals are “great little reads” and fit conveniently in your pocket:D

I found this little gem quite easy to read and very helpful: Light and Peace. Enjoy!

***The Practice of the Presence of God ***by Brother Lawrence.

Though I’ve lost my place in books quite a few times, with me it comes of falling asleep while reading. If this is your dilemma too then it’s best not to read in bed or just before bedtime.

James Martin, SJ: My Life with the Saints.

In remembering the books I have on John Paul II, the one he himself wrote called Crossing The Threshhold Of Hope is a smaller volume. It’s presented as questions to him and his answers. Alot of his stuff is very “deep” and I have to work hard to absorb it, but this little book is very accessible and understandable.

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