Short shrift?


Would you rather have the priest give you a little talk after you make your confession? Or do you prefer that he just give you absolution without saying anything else? The priests in my parish do the latter, but I feel kind of cheated without any words of encouragement. On the other hand, my son once went to confession at another parish on a hot night with no air conditioning in the church, and the priest went on and on so long that my son finally had to ask Father to cut it short because he was starting to feel faint from the heat in the confessional.


I’m open for the truth… I trust the priest will be guided by the Holy Spirit in giving penance, encouragement, or just good words of wisdom.

I also know that this will differ from Father Confessor to Father Confessor.


I like to have a conversation afterward. I like it when he asks me questions as well. It helps to get the whole story out.


I would like for confession to include a little more than “just the script”. I have gone several times to my pastor and I have said what I had to say and he has said what he has to say, but that was it - strictly according to the script. I went a few weeks ago to the same pastor bright and early one morning (not on a Saturday afternoon) and he actually did have a few encouraging words to say. It was great. Made me wonder if weekday mornings at the crack of dawn might be a better time than Saturday afternoons.


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