Short sweet Christmas stories


Many years ago when my kids were small, we lived one year in a house that had a dirt cellar. It was a very mousey house. The next year when we unpacked our Christmas decorations, we found that the tiny baby Jesus was missing from our home made navitity scene. In His place was a pile of grain!

My sister, upon hearing the story said…“They probably thought it was a reasonable exchange…Jesus is the Bread of Life!”

I always imagine the little mice gathered at Christmas telling THEIR version of the story of how they got hold of baby Jesus.

We say they stole it…but they did leave something of value (to them) in return. And He was so tiny, He was just the right size for the mice!

Your turn to share a Christmas story…



I was 9 years old when my little baby brother was very sick and in the hospital for his first Christmas. I was so very worried that Santa would not know that he was in the hospital and that he would not receive any gifts. My Dad reassured me that it was OK, but of course I could not relax. I fretted about it. But, much to my relief, there was a teddy bear under the tree for my baby brother the next morning! That made me so happy I almost forgot to see what Santa had brought for me. My youngest is now 8 years old, and is beginning to question Santa’s existence but I’m hoping we make it through one more Christmas. I threatened my older kids to not spill the beans! It’s such a special time, and especially when you have young ones who are so innocent. St. Nicholas visited our house a couple of nights ago, too!!


Way back when I was …well, never mind,…We were headed to my grandparents for Christmas dinner. We didn’t get too far and my father was forced to turn around because of bad weather. My mom had nothing thawed out( this was before microwaves) so our Christmas dinner was a big pot of cream of wheat.To this day I love the stuff and every Christmas, I give my mom a box of cream of wheat.



proof of DNA passed to generations, I used to go around all day with black olives stuck on my fingers, and eat all the black olives before dinner started, DD did the same, her youngest does the same–that picture is their Christmas card this year, If I knew how to post it I would. She named her new black kitten Olive.

Picture on my Christmas card is snow on the palm tree out front from the oncd-100-yr snowfall we had at midnight on Christmas last year.

Mom used to set up the empty stable on the first sunday of Advent, with Mary and Joseph at one end of the mantel, and we would take turns moving them an inch closer to their journay each day, this also involved moving shephers, sheep assorted barn animals etc. they were travelling thru a village and landscape made from props from our model RR layout. well the 3 kings were in another corner, and their journey had to be timed to coincide with Epiphany. Our aunt sent us souvenirs from a trip to Egypt, including a leather camel filled with sand. So we added him to the menagerie, following the Magi. After a few years the sand started to leak, leaving a trail to mark the journey. Even when the sand was gone, we kept him propped up with clothespins.


LOL. My mother’s nativity scene is very old,most of the sheep have lost their legs to time…they now stand on q-tips stuck in the holes left by their broken off legs.


we also got some sheep from somewhere made of twigs and real wool, and added them. they began losing wool, and later when our cat found a mouse nest–yup, all made of dingy white wool. (totally useless cat, she just watched the mice as if she had never seen any before)


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