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Please watch this:

This really depicts my life starting two years ago, in loving God then falling away trying to get attention from a guy in my class. I then tried to work to get money, but being fired really hurt. I thought my misfortunes were because I wasn’t good enough, not for my friends who were trying to drown their own loneliness. So I tried to be thin, but I couldn’t do this without people noticing I wasn’t eating(so I never had an eating disorder), so I cut myself. I started feeling numb(inwardly)after this, and only focused on the pain. I contemplated suicide because this pain couldn’t fix anything. Telling my friend, she told the teachers and my parents, and I went to counseling for sometime. This really broke down the wall I was putting between God and myself, and I realized all that mattered was his love. I have not fully healed yet, but everyday, God shows me more and more his love and forgiveness. God shows how wonderful life can be, and that’s why I want to give my all to God!


You should be friends with lil_flower_luv

She can teach you about a saintly child who trusted in God


Wow! Thats a powerful video and it’s almost eerie how it paralells your own life’s struggles. I’m happy that you’ve re-embraced your faith and I will pray that you may continue to grow towards living in God’s love and peace.


I love the video… I got so emotional…

I was teary eyed when I am watching it… O God help us to live in a simple way… in your way…

This is what the video wants us to realize… be contented with what God gave us… He wants us to live simply and happy… Do not crave for the things which are just valuable in the human eye, things which you can live without… Temptations are everywhere… just hold tight with your faith in God… He loves us so much and will not forsake us…

God bless us all…


Ok-friend request sent!


I know it’s crazy! God must have had this planned out-He gets me every time. Thank you for the support. We couldn’t fight things like this if it weren’t for the support of the Church.


Exactly. We just need to come to God as we are, Sons and Daughters of the Most High God!

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