Short video by Father Mike, "What Not to do during a breakup"


This might help somebody here.


Do people still do that thing where they call their ex and then hang up when they answer?
Or am I dating myself?
(I’m partial to eating a pint of Haagen Daas, myself)


We all quit doing that about the same time Caller ID became a thing.

My ex did it for several years after I was married. I did it to another guy back in college (who I was extremely fortunate to not end up involved with) so what goes around, comes around.


Just do the normal healthy thing and make a voodoo doll out of their hair. :crazy_face:


True story—some guy in college broke up with me, I cried my eyes out and ate ice cream and got over him and started dating somebody new.
Later, we were all at a party where the Coors Lite was flowing freely and the ex told me he never thought I’d start dating again before he did…

Overestimate your game much?


I would have “accidentally” dumped a cup of that crummy undrinkable beer on his lap.

The best thing about not dating is not having to put up with guys like that.


Oh man! Not cool!!!

I was seeing a guy in college who dumped me because I wasn’t attractive enough for him. He said he felt he should be with a girl who is “a supermodel level of beauty” and I just didn’t measure up (kind of a no duh, there. Few women do!). He did say that I shouldn’t worry because I would find someone eventually, I just better meet them online first so they could fall in love with my personality before they saw my face. I took it pretty hard but I got over it.

Then I met my husband. In person, no less! He apparently liked what he saw because 3 months later we started dating, 2 years later we were married and now 11 years into the marriage we have a beautiful baby boy and one on the way.

He did touch base me with me again recently on Facebook. I feel kind of bad that there was a part of me a little smug when he revealed that he still has yet to meet his girl…shrugs I can’t be too mad…it worked out well for me in the end. :slight_smile:


Exactly. Now with cell phones and other things that ID the caller, one would have to go to much greater lengths to do this.

But with social media, they can cyber stalk and try to track people through that.


I was going to say . . . social media has replaced those obsessive, secretive just-to-hear-your-voice calls.

My tween daughter told me that she can’t wait to have a boyfriend and then a break-up just to enjoy this luxury. I just rolled my eyes and replied, “If you want ice cream, I’ll bring some home from Safeway. Yeesh!”

This is a great video. I love Fr. Mike. He does come off as a neurotic fast-talker, and it’s hard to keep up with him sometimes, lol!


:heart: Neurotic fast-talkers are my people.


I enjoy listening to Fr Mike. This story about Lucy was not only well crafted and delivered…it has a very deep and useful message.


Have not seen this video…wonder what the Lucy video is all about.

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