Shorter Christian Prayer & Ash Wed

Hello, about two weeks ago I started praying the Shorter Christian Prayer, I love it so much. So where do I go today in it, being Ash Wed and the start of Lent? I see that there is a part for Lent. Do I do only this section or is it added to the weekly Psalter?
Also when do I pray the Office for the Dead? Thanks for your help, God bless.

The Office of the Dead is used in honor of the dead, so you would use it if someone close to you died and on All Souls Day (except if All Souls Day falls on Sunday, then you do the Office of that Sunday).

Today, Ash Wednesday, is Psalter, Week IV, Wednesday. Ash Wednesday always is. There is an option to use Friday, Week III instead. Only the Psalms and canticles come from the Psalter, the rest comes from the Proper of Seasons, the entry for Ash Wednesday specifically, but I’m not sure if this in Shorter Christian Prayer, since SCP gives you only a selection of Morning and Evening Prayer. If you don’t have the Ash Wednesday-specific entry, you can go to and get it there.

For morning prayer only. You revert back to Wednesday, Week IV of the Psalter for Mid-day prayer and Evening Prayer.

Thanks, I wanted to ask this too. So the rest of this week is also Week IV?



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