shorter christian prayer

could someone please explain to me how to use shorter christian prayer? I read the guide in the front, but it’s just not making sense to me. I’m a new Catholic, and i would love to add this to my day, but I need help!
Please make it detailed…what’s for morning, and evening, etc.
thanks so much!

I have one of those for when I am not at home and want to do my morning and evening prayers. At home I use the LOTH set of 4 books. I’ve just been really learning how to pray the psalms and do morning and evening and night prayer.
The best advice I can give you what someone told me…
Go and buy the book “The Divine Office for Dodos” by Madeline Pecora Nugent.
It’s a great book and after you get through the first 78 pages, you can do morning, evening and night prayers pretty easily! I got mine from Amazon I think, great book, you will enjoy it, the author has a great sense of humor and a great grasp of the the LOTH. (which morning and evening prayers are part of) and if you have questions, you can actually email her and she’s very gracious and kind.
Good luck, I really enjoy my morning, evening and night prayers. :slight_smile:

Use this site to get your bearings …

And turn to Shorter Christian Prayer. Today’s Morning Prayer begins on the bottom of page 191. “Lord, open my lips.” Then say the antiphon (Ant).

Turn to page 22 and say Psalm 95. Once finished turn to page 192. It’ll direct you to say Hymn, no 1 (p583) or 151 (p648). Do one of those and turn back to page 192.

Pray through everthing on p192-196. Remember to pray the Glory Be after every psalm and canticle, unless otherwise directed not to do so, as on p194 after the Canticle from Daniel.

At the bottom of p196, it directs you to pray the Canticle of Zechariah. Today’s antiphon is said just before it, and it can be found on page 514. The Canticle of Zechariah is found on the inside cover of the book and on page 27.

Turn back to p197 and pray the Intercessions.

Pray the Our Father.

Concluding prayer is on p514.

Conclusion is on page 29.

I hope I got all that correct, and I hope it helps. Be patient with it, for it may take a while to get into the groove.

Universalis will only confuse you, for it doesn’t use the Breviary from the Catholic Book Publishing Company.

Go to

They use the Breviary, both long and short form, They tell you what pages to use and where to set your ribbons.

There is also a free audio you can watch on line that will help you.


Thank you, thank you, thank you…It now at least makes sense to me and I think I can follow it. I can see that it takes some getting used to but, but will be well worth the effort.
I have been so frustrated having this book that I know is full of so many wonderful things, yet not being able to properly use it. Again, thanks!!!

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