Shorts to mass when cycling

The “garment” was a metaphor for baptism, not for articles of earthly clothing.


(I haven’t thoroughly read other replies because these how-to-dress threads can get weirdly heated).

It depends on the culture, context, and the occasion of the Mass. I once went to daily Mass in a downtown area and was impressed by all of the young professionals biking over there to attend. Shorts go without saying in these circumstances.

The bikers likely already have to change into the shorts so they don’t get grease stains on their pants. I can’t imagine they’d have time to change back into pants for Mass, into shorts to go back to work, back into pants at work, etc.


Thank you guys for all your responses! Appreciate it!

If it’s daily mass & you are stopping in for mass, along with the other things you are doing… it’s fine.

But on Sunday, it’s not ok because your Sunday should be scheduled around Mass.


Using an elastic string around your ancle to fasten the leg part of the trousers solves the problem of getting stains. Putting the “leg in the sock” also works.

My bike is my car. If it is too slippery outdoors then I will walk to church.


Good idea! That said, it’s a matter of preference. When the mercury hits 90, I’m wearing shorts on my bike. Those who object may Google the phrase “custody of the eyes.”


No one would wear a tuxedo, I hope, because that is evening wear for a social occasion. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

My question is, why did it occur to the OP that there might be something “off” about wearing short pants to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?


Leave early enough that it will give you time when you get there to change and freshen up.

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Quoting your first two sentences.

:man_shrugging: I wear shorts all summer…

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Brave soul.

The problem with these kinds of appropriate dress threads would be that you run into a brick wall where it seems people have to made it an ‘either-or’.

Either you believe that there are indeed categories (and simply related to modesty or outfits only) where people do dress, speak, or act in a different way, even if only slightly different, from their ‘usual’. . .

Or you don’t.

And in modern society, ‘casual Fridays’ turned into dressing down, comfort, utilitarianism a few decades ago.

It’s interesting to see the Boomers (I’m one though I don’t dress that way) who spent the 1960s and 1970s in a unisex uniform of jeans and T shirts, and then went on to pretty much keep that attitude to this day—and made it ‘the norm’. Their kids had to try to shock mom and dad —goth, piercings, etc. Now the way that people dress varies widely, but the operative word is ‘how I want to dress’.

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In the summer my parish publishes a reminder for appropriate dress in the bulletin. It says, “Shorts are not appropriate for Mass.”

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If your church doesn’t permit shorts, then don’t wear them.

If your church does permit shorts, then it’s okay to wear them if they are modest. I frequently wear knee-length baggy or khaki shorts to Mass in hot weather, especially for weekday Mass, at churches that permit shorts to be worn. At those churches, I usually see some other parishioners also in modest shorts.

If you are still not sure if your shorts are appropriate, ask your priest.


I have a pair of cycling shorts with zip-on lower legs. They go from shorts to trousers in one minute for when you stop en route and want to be a bit more dressed up.

That pair also has velcro ties at the ankles, to avoid getting grease on them if you cycle with the “long version” on.


Modesty is for men too. But I think it depends on the culture of your area, if all guys show off their legs in summer then it’s alright. God cannot be offended by the sight of your legs because He created them.

Definitely ask your priest!

Meh, that’s not hot. Your body will adapt.

I’m not sure what kind of logic you’re trying to use here. Would you also say that it’s ok to show up naked at Mass, because “God cannot be offended by the sight of the body he created”?


If going to a religious event, it’s best to dress up. Even though “God knows what your legs look like”, it still helps us to wear respectful clothing; it builds the appropriate respect / reverence / awe that we should have for God and holy things.


Do you go to Mass with just you (and God)? Aren’t there other people there?
We dress up for church partly as a courtesy to our fellow parishioners so that everyone is comfortable with some kind of “norm”. There is an expectation of the level of formality of church clothes and what to wear. It’s a part of “common courtesy”, in my opinion.
The OP obviously knows this because the first sentence of his post is “Hi, so first of all, I know that wearing shorts to mass is not really appropriate.”

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