Shots fired near Canada parliament


Multiple shots have been fired at the National War Memorial in Ottawa, just steps from the nation’s parliament.

Witnesses reported seeing a man running toward the government buildings, which have been placed on lockdown.

A soldier has been wounded in the attack, Canadian media report.


Fog of an early news story, CTV reports 30 shots fired…

Witnesses told Simpson they saw a man with long hair carrying a rifle and heard four shots fired.



Yesterday a Canadian soldier was run over and killed. Today this.


Apparently 3 diffferent incidents in Ottawa.


I recommend seeing this: Islam’s rule of numbers


Canadian Soldier Killed in Attack at Parliament Hill in Ottawa
Ottawa shooting: Soldier shot, gunman killed**

Mixed early reports here, I’ve heard some unconfirmed info too but we will just see what develops. It is looking onerous though.


I have read that the soldier killed the shooter.


I don’t want to hijack this thread and turn it into another debate about guns, but this classically illustrates what American gun owners have professed all along: Making guns illegal will not stop gun violence.

Except for sporting rifles, private ownership of guns is illegal in Canada. Yet that didn’t stop someone from committing a crime with a gun.

Now, back to topic… :smiley:


CBC mainpage:

Parliament Hill came under attack today after a man with a rifle shot a soldier standing guard at the National War Memorial in downtown Ottawa. A gunman inside Parliament has been confirmed dead. Ottawa police say shots were fired at three locations in Ottawa and one suspect is believed still at large. 12:13 PM ET

It was probably a different soldier or possibly a Sergeant of Arms of the Parliament, who shot him and apparently gun shots have happened in different locations, even the above states one gunman confirmed dead but one suspect is believed to be at large.


In the U.S. we’d just call this “workplace violence.” No terrorism here!


I am really getting tired of all the nuts out there.

I think the supposedly free nations of this world had better get it together and start responding to these kinds of attacks with a little more conviction. I just don’t get all the craziness anymore. It is sick.


We need to put political correctness on hold at least for long enough to straighten out the mess in the world it has caused.


But it happened in Parliament plus 2 other shootings as well. This was no workplace violence. Plus this comes a day after a soldier in Canada was run over by another jihadists.


Respond how? It’s a given that the shooter will be found and arrested (more likely killed in the attempt).

Living in a “free nation” means that anyone willing to throw their lives away can do us harm. There isn’t much that can stop it short of limiting various “freedoms”. It’s just the cost of our lifestyle.


Just to clarify, this isn’t exactly accurate. While we do ban a number of assault rifles, semi-automatics and handguns, we do permit several long guns (including some semi-automatics) and many handguns…which is a fortunate or me and several of the guys I shoot with at the range would feel really silly at having paid for all these papers with government logos on them :smiley:

That said we are very restrictive on the transport of non-hunting weapons and most public carry is prohibited. :shrug:

On the topics at hand our federal politicians have been very flip about Canada’s participation in hunting ISIS, using it to score political points. Hopefully they’ll carry out their duties with more reflection from this point forward and realize their decisions impact lives here and abroad. If we’re going to commit people to danger we need to ensure they can respond and protect themselves.


Yes, but his point is the US would still probably call it workplace violence, or a criminal attack unrelated to terrorism. We’ve done that with several incidents where the attackers cited jihad including the incident on Ft. Hood where a service member killed a number of people on a US military base while shouting about Islam, and specifically stating in his defense that he was motivated by his interpretation of Islam and what it required of him.


Yes that’s true, but I think and want to hope that people are a little bit better educated. With what is going on in the ME with what happened yesterday with the soldier, I think people should see the connections.


Several talking heads on Fox News have called the incidents yesterday and today an act of terrorism. Now to determine who’s responsible.


So sorry over this fine young man slain performing an honorable duty to Canada"s best. Who can finally ignore the motive of this act any longer? How is it going to be stopped? It will be stopped when Islamic followers. Muslim, demand and enforce its finality! If they do not, then they will be rightfully finalized.

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