Should a Catholic Church have parties during Lent?

My current parish loves to party and the biggest part is during Lent, St. Patrick’s day. During lent selling raffle tickets is the big deal after each Mass. Now I hear they are also going to have a Bingo. Last year the priest also announced he did a wedding during Lent.

Am I old fashioned or are these things that should not happen during Lent?

Weddings are allowed during Lent, they simply should take into account the penitential nature of the liturgical season. Some parishes do not allow them during Lent but that is a parish rule and not one from canon law.

Nor does the Church forbid particular parish celebrations during Lent. It is up to the prudential judgment of parishes and individual Catholics to determine the appropriateness of events.

I don’t know where you live, but in Ireland St. Patrick’s Day is a solemnity on their liturgical calendar. Thus even if it fell on a Lenten Friday canon law (canon 1246.1) would exempt people in Ireland from abstinence from meat.

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