Should a Catholic participate in a Stone Croft bible study?

I am a cradle Catholic now living in the bible belt of Northern Alabama. A neighbor invited me to join a weekly bible study at her home recently. Not knowing many people in my neighborhood I accepted. After one get together I feel uncomfortable because it is not Catholic. We are using Stone Croft ministries books and they use the Good News Bible. This study is on the Psalms.

Any advice?

Is your neighbor Baptist?

You might ask where she and the group stand on Catholicism.

Marus Grodi on Journey Home has had some Baptist converts on his program. I’ll try to find you some episodes.

FYI, in this debate with Karl Keating, the Baptist preacher called the Eucharist, cannibalism.

I need to review their documents prior to commenting. Can you post any here?
Were there areas of concern when you were there?
If you can express them clearly, I hope I can then help.

Mumphreygirl, I am not familiar with the Bible study program you mention, but is it aimed particularly at women? I could see how that might be a comfort when you are new in the area - it would be a nice way to make friends.

The danger I would worry about is what beliefs that Bible study is teaching. A Protestant study guide will have interpretations of the Bible which are not shared by the Catholic Church, or may even contradict it. I think a Catholic would want to be very well versed in Catholic teaching and the Biblical basis for it, before participating in such a group.

Here are the fundamental beliefs of Stonecroft Ministries:

All I did was click on the link Dale M provided for my lazy you know what, and I found something odd right from the start without clicking on other sub pages.

I never saw the word suffering.

Not a big deal some would say. But, it certainly paints a picture of what more is there if one really and trully looks for it.

Don’t feel uncomfortable, as long as they’re not try to proselytize, or make you a spoken person for Catholicism, give it a chance. Listen to them, see what they think. You can just as much about them as you will the Bible. I used to go to a Protestant Bible study during the summer as a kid, who knows, it can be wonderful experience - you’ll never know if you don’t go.

The Psalms are wonderful, I read them all the time. Reading them can give you real insight on Who Jesus Christ is.


“or make you a spoken person for Catholicism”

…as in don’t let anyone know you’re a Catholic?

From the Stonecrop website:

“the necessity of the new birth—salvation is by grace, through faith, and not of works. Saving faith will maintain good works in the life of the believer.”

I don’t understand how people who read their Bible can misinterpret grace, faith and works.

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