Should a catholic support GUN RIGHTS?


I am shocked and sad to hear that there have been shooting in Texas. Many Democrats criticized the gun rights law. Many propagandas in my country said that it was dangerous to live in America because you could die at any time because of shooting. As a Catholic believer, I wonder if I can support gun rights. Is it sinful? Thank you very much.


I can’t take another one of these threads right now :zipper_mouth_face:


One, what is your country? Two, the Church upholds man’s right to defend himself, his family, and his property with deadly means (in this case a firearm).


Gun rights are unalienable. They come from God, not from man.


More evidence that gun culture is idolatry.


If the country you live in extends the right to bear arms as in the United States, then it is not sinful to take advantage of that right, as long as you observe all gun laws. Everything else is just personal preference or politics.


How so? How is it idolatrous?


That seems to be the buzzword of the day here lately on the forum.


In this case I was referring to the claim that gun rights are inalienable and come from God. When you think you have a particular relationship with a material possession because it comes from God you are an idolator.


I never said that they were inalienable.


As a Catholic believer, I wonder if I can support gun rights. Is it sinful? Thank you very much.

Yes. You can support gun rights anhphan.

Gun rights for your policemen, gun rights for your military, and gun rights for your law-abiding citizenry.

God bless.



Technically and grammatically speaking, you did not :wink:


The right to self-defense is an inalienable right.

The forefathers saw fit to write into the Constitution the right to keep and bear arms for the citizenry.

Fire arms per se are not an inalienable right for police, military, or a free citizenry, but the prudential aspect of it is so obvious in our epoch, that to refuse this, refuses self-defense for many.

In the USA, there were people in all 13 Colonies that were opposed to any Federal Government implementation.

Promises were made to the citizens so that we could go forth with our Republic.

Promises that included the right to frredom of religion (not merely freedom to or of worship as ex-president Obama and others tried to pass off), free speech, a free press, the right to keep and bear arms, and other assurances written into the Constitution.

It is ALSO an inalienable right that the citizens expect the truth from people who swear to uphold this Constitution.


Ah, yes someone finally mentioned it. Thank you for bringing this topic up. Nobody seems to notice he difference but how right you are!


Are you serious? Can you provide a quote in the Bible where it says that God wants you to have a gun?


You have to be careful of these arguments as they are prone to illogic. By your measure, God+ would not want me to have a phone, car, modern medicine, or anything not from the biblical era.

I understand the point you’re making about guns not being in the Bible, but this is not a good argument.


No doubt. Aren’t there enough already?

To the OP. There is already a thread on what the USCCB has said, if you are interested in a Catholic perspective.


Just plain old false. Even Cathoholic agrees.


Can you provide me a quote in the Bible where God wants you to have a cell phone?


I am not from the US, but I can see the point of the gun rights people and the gun control people. I don’t think the right to own a gun is inalienable but I do think you can support some form of gun rights as a Catholic. Where it gets wacky for me is when people start asking why they can’t carry their guns around where they please. Into mass, to the shop, to the bank. That’s a bit crazy IMO.

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