Should a child conceived by In Vitro Fertilization thank God for his/her existence?


If I were that child, I would be confused. Please help me to answer this question. Thank you!


In a nutshell - God is the one who gives us the gift of life, NO ONE is a mistake. Sex is the normative process through which life is created, and is within God’s design and plan for us.

When we extract the actual bits (sperm and egg) from the sex act, and join them together, we’re just doing what happens naturally, though outside of God’s design. God created the science that forms new life, so when new life comes from this process it’s still God who allows it to happen.

The person created from this is still human, isn’t a mistake, and still has God to thank for the gift of life.


I do my wife was one of the first successful cases.

She was not born into a Catholic family of course.

We have four beautiful children and she converted and was received into the Church almost a year ago.


Of course! The child bears no guilt, other than the deficit of original sin. Rather, all who live should be grateful to God for the gift of life, as Saint Paul wrote:

Acts 17:25
nor is he served by human hands, as though he needed anything, since he
himself gives to all men life and breath and everything.
Acts 17:28
for ‘In him we live and move and have our being’;as even some of your poets have said,‘For we are indeed his offspring.’


how do that child thank God?


Yes, that child should thank God because God is the source of all life. In vitro fertilization (IVF) doesn’t create life. It only hijacks the existing biological systems of a woman’s body and a man’s body.

IVF removes the sexual act from the process. It steals the egg from the woman’s body and steals the sperm from the man’s body. It pushes the egg and sperm together in a mechanical sense. That’s all we can do with IVF: Push the egg and sperm together, and then wait and hope.

God still does all the hard work of creating a new, living, human being. If the egg and sperm combine and start growing, it is accomplished by biological processes that God invented, in cells that God provided. The child can thank God, and we can thank God, for bringing the child into existence and for God’s great love for the child.


Thanks a lot.


Thank you so much.


Is it a miracle if a child is conceived by IVF?


God puts our soul in our bodies at fertilization. Whether that happens inside the womb or not. Whether it’s forced or not. (ICSI) It’s why the church is upset with IVF. Babies living outside the body, frozen then at risk when thawed. It’s not just organic matter.

When humans are doing it the old fashioned way or using science they can only create the physical matter, not the soul. The soul lives on. That really is the miracle. That this life isn’t all there is.

We did IVF. The children died before the pregnancy test. It is not acceptable according the church. We appreciated that the church was very consistent in the logic. We simply made a choice using as much information as we had to what we could and could not live with. We eventually adopted.


EVERY new life, every baby, is a miracle, no matter how that baby was conceived.


…And I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord the Life giver…
Where life is God is. The baby is a child is a child of God. Not all IV work. In life people I know who tried it failed. The zigot would not turn into a baby. This is even stronger proof.
When it happens the life comes from God and it takes place in the same place as any baby - in the mother’s womb.


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