Should a former Protestant preacher, now Catholic, still preach occasionally in Protestant Churches?


That would be me. :smiley:
My priest says it is okay as long as I do not perform communion for them (and I obviously cannot be their Pastor). I’m talking small rural churches with only a handful of people.
Any thoughts?


I would ask your priest, and then perhaps your bishop too (just to make sure you’re getting the most accurate advice).

I think a lot would depend on what your ‘preaching’ was, and in what context.

My own thought would be that if you wanted to speak outside of services, at ecumenical prayer services or on specific topics (like “Things Protestants and Catholics have in common”, or Bible topics where you can present your Catholic views), that would be great. But I do think (emphasis on ‘think’) that as a Catholic, while you can attend Protestant churches especially if you have family there, now and then, that you really should not be a major part of the service. I do believe there is a specific document that says that a Catholic should not participate as a reader, etc. unless at a funeral service for family/dear friend. . .and I think “preaching” would go under that umbrella.

Again I suggest either checking with your own priest or perhaps bringing this question up to Ask An Apologist here. . .


Most definitely and bring tham all back to Rome sweet Rome!


See here for a very long Vatican document on ecumenical activity. It says:

  1. In liturgical celebrations taking place in other Churches and ecclesial Communities, Catholics are encouraged to take part in the psalms, responses, hymns and common actions of the Church in which they are guests. If invited by their hosts, they may read a lesson or preach.


My first thought is that there could be a danger of indifferentism, which is the heretical idea that there are no important differences between Catholics and Protestants (and that it therefore doesn’t really matter what religion your preacher practices).

Another danger is that they might decide they want to do a “pulpit exchange” and have their Protestant pastor preach at your Catholic Church, and then be all surprised and offended when this turns out not to be possible.

I guess what I would say is, don’t do anything that could not be reciprocated, or that might be easily misunderstood.


I guess that pretty much answers it. As long as the person does not take part in the communion service and it is understood by the ecclesial community.


Well, most of my Baptist sermons were gone when I returned to the Catholic Church. I retained a few that could be preached by a priest in a Catholic homily. In many ways you would be surprised how little they differ.
As far as a ‘pulpit exchance’, that is usually done in tight-knit small communities and is done out of good will. The object was never to ‘convert’ either community but as a gesture of Christian fellowship. You’d be surprised. Many Christians discover Catholics do not tuck their tail into their pants or comb our hair over our horns.


Go preach THE Gospel. It can’t be a bad thing.


Please share with us your training as a “Protestant preacher”



Boy you are a hoot! Since you have asked that question in multiple threads on this forum. He answered you. Here is his reply.


I understand your zeal, and if it were a fundamentalist church I would be oh, so tempted.
But these are not fundamentalists, they are a small rural Protestant church. I look at it as being a guest in someone else’s house. I’m not there to tell them how to decorate.


My bishop preached at a local Anglican Church, a very large evangelical one at that, though I was pretty surprised


Heavens yes! You can do a lot of good by preaching to them in truth and (most importantly) love. Guard your faith and go in peace to love and serve the Lord.


Wouldn’t happen in a GARBC church, I hope!


Why would you say that? He’s preaching, from the same Bible that you read. He’s not proselytizing. :shrug:


In working with the Bishop, they actually have guidelines in place for this, if your Diocese doesn’t, you could be the one who possibly would act in this manner, check into it, read the whole article and go over it with your Priest.
One of the things I noticed that was important to this, (and you seem to fulfill this, is to have both a knowledge of your own Catholic faith and a knowledge of the faith that you are sharing with.)
I’ll keep you in my prayers.


Because he’s not a GARBC pastor. Would the Catholic Church invite a Baptist Pastor to preach in their church? I think not.


No, absolutely not, which is why I have reservations about this.

I know the Church permits it, but what happens if the Baptists decide they want to reciprocate?

How do you explain it to them delicately, “Well, you may think you’re an ordained minister, but as far as the Catholic Church is concerned, you’re a layman, and not just any layman, but a layman who is currently in schism - so no, you’re not going to be allowed to preach at our place. Sorry!”


I don’t understand why you would want to. With all the negative things you have posted here and on your blog about protestants, you speaking at a church who didn’t know what you really think about there beliefs would be the saddest thing you can do to them.



So long as you aren’t flying under any “False Colors”, that is they know who you are, your credentials and affiliations, I can’t see any problem. As others have said, it can only have a good effect re: others understanding of Catholics.

Who knows, if it is such small churches, it could turn into quite an interesting association, leading to bible study and then…:highprayer:


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