Should a kneeling man have been refused Communion?


On Sunday, we had an incident in Mass that already has people bickering.

A man got to the front of the Communion line and knelt down to recieve the Eucharist. The priest spoke to him briefy, motioned the next person in line up and continued to distribute Communion, but not to the man who was kneeling. The man stood up and walked back to his seat without ever having recieved the host.

In our church we recieve the body of Christ standing – with a reverential bow. I don’t know if our priest outright refused to give the man the host or if he just told him that he’s have to stand to recieve it. But either way, as I said, the man never received Communion.

Another parishioner then felt the need to stand at the back of the church out in the lobby area and yell at the priest. But I guess that would be a different issue.

I know I’m not giving you alot of info to go on, but I’m just wondering – in a scenario like this, on what basis would a priest refuse Communion? Is it because the man knelt? And if so, is it appropriate to refuse the body of Christ on that basis?


Briefly, the answer is that the communicant should not have knelt to receive Communion; the priest should not have refused to give him Communion (either absolutely or conditionally); and the other parishioner certainly should not have yelled at the priest. Please see the links below for more information.

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