Should a Protestant refrain from receiving Protestant communion?

I just read this on a This Rock Quick Questions page:

Since there are no real priests in Protestantism, there is no real Eucharist, even in those churches in which the outward form of the Mass is retained.

Well, as suggested by my handle, I’m not yet ready to return to my Catholic faith for various reasons but will soon. Now I’m attending a Lutheran church and by all “appearances” am a Lutheran. But I now am understanding that there is a problem with my receiving communion in that church, even though they claim Real Presence. So, what do I do until I “come out”? Should I refrain from taking communion, or does it not matter since the pastor is not a real priest and the host is not the real Eucharist?

If you know that Protestant communion is not really the Eucharist and do not share the Protestant faith on this issue, I can only recommend that you not receive Protestant communion. People really shouldn’t say anything to anyone not participating in a particular religious ritual, but if anyone asks you why you are not receiving, just say, “Thank you for your concern but I’m not receiving this time.”

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