Should a risen Christ statue placed at the front of the church be removed by Ascension Thursday?

There is some debate going on, and it’s about the statue of the risen Christ in the front of our church. For Ascension Thursday, the Seventh Sunday of Easter, and Pentecost, the statue of the risen Christ was still in front of the church. Should it be removed by Ascension Thursday because he’s not risen anymore, but ascended and in heaven?

There are no directives for this.

Sounds like another case of an overly zealous litugrical director - or one who wishes to become one.

If we all spent more time praying and less time trying to be “correct”, we would probably all advance farther in holiness.

To elaborate on my previous post, statuary is generally not considered a liturgical element, save for the Crucifix, which must be in the sanctuary at Mass, and for Holy Week when statues and Crucifix are draped in purple. Some parishes may give their patronal statue a more prominent place on his or her feast day, but it is really up to the prudence of whichever committee does that at your parish.

by that logic we should not display a crucifix since Jesus has already ascended to heaven. How big is this statue that they move it around with the seasons? Your parish council meetings must be very interesting.

Actually, over at St. Peter’s Basilica, St. Peter gets decked out in Papal vestments (complete with the tiara) on February 22 (the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter) and June 29th (the Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul).

CatholicZ09, it really doesn’t matter. Easter does not end until Pentecost Sunday anyway. So, technically speaking, the statue should come down now. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I though that it really didn’t matter because Pentecost is the end of Easter, so it’s still somewhat Easter.

Um, to the person a few posts above, I hope you weren’t suggesting that I was the liturgical director. I’m not. It was just a concern some people at my parish had and I wanted to get some insight.

It’s not that large, really. I think after the Easter season it goes back in the basement with all the other statues.

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