Should all parishes have the latin mass

i just twant to know if we should have the latin mass restored

I didn’t vote because you changed your question.

You first said “should all parishes have the latin mass”.

Then you said in the poll “should parishes have latin Mass”…Then “No parishes should not have latin Mass” as the answer.

So to vote you be voting to eliminate Latin Mass altogether.

It would depend if there is a clamour for it. Its like saying, “should we have a Chinese OF Mass” in an area where there are no Chinese speakers. You’ll just be wasting parish resources if no one is interested to come.

But if there is enough people to support a Latin Mass, either TLM or Latin OF, then by all means.

Your question isn’t clear.

Are you asking if parishes should have the Extraordinary Form of the Mass? Or are you asking if they should have the Ordinary Form in Latin as well as in English?

Agree, if it is wanted, let it be celbrated, if not, then it is a waste.

I also didn’t vote since the question seems to have changed…

That said, I believe all Catholics should at some time attend a Latin Mass. It’s a wonderful, uplifting and enlightening experiance. However I would think “mandating” that all parishes have a Latin Mass would be counterproductive and unworkable.

I’ve heard the Mass in many languages and each is a blessing.

God bless

Oh! I’d like to add… We REALLY need a resource to TEACH the Latin Mass… Maybe an internet video of a latin Mass with the Latin responses written out phonetically with an English translation? I attended Latin masses as a child, but that was many decades ago and I’ve forgotten what little I knew…

I personally say we should have an English version of the Tridentine, but using a Latin one on occasion; perhaps for certain feast days or holy days?

I too am not voting as the question has changed. In addition I wouldn’t vote for either of the two answers in which you limit the question being responded.

I’d love to see it expand to at least several parishes in a good-sized city so that even if not every parish could have it, there would be enough times and choices available for people to go to it almost as easily as they can to the Novus Ordo Masses.

For the record, I “like” either Mass as long as it is celebrated reverently. (“Like” I put in quotes because Mass is not an ordinary thing. One “likes” Coca-Cola, or the Yankees* :rolleyes:. The Mass is in a class by itself. Sometimes it’s hard to find an appropriate word. Guess I could just say “like attending” - that sounds better!)

All this is going to take time for priests and laypeople to be trained. Someone posted another thread earlier about Latin, and it made me think - I need to get out my music and learn the Creed and Gloria and other Mass parts in Latin. They are vaguely familiar from my early childhood and I know the “Pater Noster” and “Sanctus” but I would like to learn the others by heart.:whistle:

*I have had to be nicer about Yankee fans ever since one helped push my car after it slid on the ice, LOL. The closest team to me is the KC Royals. :bighanky: 'nuff said.

No all parishes should not have the Latin Mass. Some parishes are too small. Take mine, for example. A poll done a few years ago showed about 1/4 of the attendees at the English language Masses would like, at least occasionally, to attend Latin Mass. But we are only about 400 families, half attending the Spanish Mass. That number just couldn’t justify a regular Latin Mass.

On the other hand, I think the Bishops use this as an excuse. The next parish over had a few hundred families sign a request for a Latin Mass. It’s a very large parish and that number represented a smaller percentage than ours. If a Latin Mass was available, say one per deanery, it would have more than enough support to justify it even if any one parish did not. But the Archbishop won’t allow that.

BTW, I didn’t vote since the choices didn’t cover my opinion.

Maybe an interesting option would be to poll regions instead of just at the parish level. If there is a parish within 30-mins drive or less, some people might go to another parish for a TLM. I know smaller parishes might be more open to the idea as it will also help with their finances. For example, if there’s 30 families in your parish willing to go to the TLM, and say 50 in the other parish, so thats 80. If you poll from another 2-3 parishes nearby, if you can get 100-150 families who would regularly go to the TLM, then you can set it up in your parish. Unless you have a really large parish of thousands of families, I think it will be hard pressed to find the numbers to support a TLM based on the parish’s membership alone. But if you consider a number of parishes within reasonable distance who are willing to drive to your parish, then that solves the number of membership.

In the archdiocese of Vancouver, there are two parishes that offer the TLM. One is a FSSP parish located in the city of Vancouver itself, and the other is on the other side of the metropolis (diocesan parish), further east, a good 30-40 minutes drive from the FSSP parish on a Sunday morning (no traffic). So at least people from around the region would have a TLM within 30 mins drive on Sundays. But the FSSP parish is the only one that offers the TLM daily.

Corki, we usually have just a half-dozen or fewer at weekday Masses. (English) One weekday Latin Mass a month or so would draw at least that many. If so few priests can be found that know the Latin Mass well, we can share. It would be such a grace to have at least one per diocese!

3Doctors: And you don’t even get to see Greinke anymore… VINCENTE GEMINI!

I agree with this - I think that if there were a Tridentine Mass available in Latin in every Deanery, it would be easier to see who is interested in it, since everyone would have one that is at least within driving distance. :slight_smile:

I think it would be overkill to have one in every parish, particularly small parishes.

Only if there is suitable demand…

The question seems to have changed as others noted.

So…should ALL parishes have the Latin Mass? No! Some parishes are spliting one priest as it is…adding that in there would be impossible.

But…should we get rid of the Latin Mass? NO!

The problem with small parishes is that the number would need to be at least as large a one of the Sunday Masses, not a weekday Mass. The small parishes have only one priest and he is already at his “legal limit” for Sunday Masses. So even if he could say the Mass (and our pastor is fluent in Latin), he couldn’t add a Mass; he would have to change one Mass from OF to EF.


Technically, by saying Latin Mass, you mean a Mass with Latin in it, which is what the Novus Ordo SHOULD be (Vatican II says Latin is to be retained, along with Gregorian Chant).

But, I think you mean the Traditional Latin Mass, using the books from 1962. I thoroughly agree and think that this Mass should be offered weekly at every parish around the world.

Sure it could, at least on a monthly basis. Also, some parishes have dealt with this by rotating the EF within the regular schedule.

One would have to think that the Archbishop is acting in direct opposition to Summorum Pontificum.

My problem with the deanery (or regional) scenario is one of practicality: the distances involved could still be considerable, and not everyone who would prefer the EF has access to transportation or is able to drive the distance. It’s similar to the concept of “personal parishes” for the EF. In theory, the idea is very good, but it puts a lot of people at a distinct disadvantage.

Take, for example, the Diocese of Brooklyn. Within the borough itself (largest of all five in New York City in terms of population) there is precisely one EF (and it is not a “personal parish”). As it happens, the church isn’t particularly convenient to the subway, which means a subway + bus, and even for some who live a relatively short distance as the crow flies, it can take up to an hour or more one-way via public transportation (on the reduced Sunday schedule). For others father afield in the borough, it could be two hours or more.

There are probably several Deaneries in each burrough, though - if every Deanery had one parish that offered the Latin Mass, you would solve at least some of the transportation problem. Our Diocese has at least five Deaneries that I know of within the city, and we don’t have nearly the population of New York.

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