Should apologists be more apologetic?

In our lay formation class last Saturday, we were handed an article titled, “Do we need a new(er) apologetics?” written by Richard R. Gaillardetz and appearing in the magazine, America.

Of course the language was confusing but the theme of the article is that new apologists, like Karl Keating, need to be less rigid, more willing to discuss our differences, more ecumenical, etc. Gaillardetz gave five suggestions to improve our apologetics.

[list]Be passionate and positive[/list]
[list]Historically responsible[/list]
[list]Culturally engaged[/list]

I am not a theological scholar which is why I came to you. Some of the things promoted in the article are the reasons we need apologists like Mr. Keating.

I was wondering if you could give me any insight into this article or how to discuss this issue with my fellow members of lay formation. Our speaker that day told us that we should hold onto our core beliefs and let go of the fringe. I told her, “Fine, but who gets to choose the core beliefs?”

Anyway, thanks for your help and God bless Catholic Answers.

Karl Keating discussed this article by Richard R. Gaillardetz in his February 17, 2004, e-letter, found online here.

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