Should baby and I go on business trip with DH?

My DH travels often for business and next month, he’ll be in Las Vegas, which is about a 4-5 hour drive, for week-long training. Since I stay home, he’s asked me to go with him along with the baby, who will be about 4 months then. Thing is, he’ll be in training all day until about 10:30pm.

DH will be having another training at the same location in June, in which baby will be about 7 months old then. This time, he’ll be able to get out of training at 5:30pm each day.

Both times, I probably won’t have wireless internet access since it won’t be free in the room he’s staying in, but I will have use of our car. Weather will also be quite uncomfortably warm during these months (April shouldn’t be too bad). Haven’t thought about what to do for my meals yet (I think the suite includes a kitchen) or what I would do throughout the day.

Should I go with the baby for the long drive and sacrifice the comfort of our home for a week just to be near DH both times OR just go in June, when DH can spend time with us after training each day OR should I just stay home alone with the baby for a week both times? What would you do? I’d love to hear from other SAHMs who have DHs who travel on business and have been in this situation as well. Thanks in advance for any and all input :slight_smile:

My dad used to travel 50 weeks out of the year and it was always a huge treat for us to go with him.

Does he get a stipend or meals/entertainment from the company? Dad was actually liked by his company because instead of using the full amount on just himself to go out to eat (it was an obscene figure…you know the corporate image of an upper scale place with alcohol) he would purchase food at a grocery store and cook meals for all of us.

Las Vegas doesn’t sound like much of a place to enjoy with a small baby and a limited budget. Do you have activities planned, or an idea of how to spend your time?

Since I am the one who has to travel and be away from my DH and DS - it would mean so much for me if my husband and son could come along on a trip. Coming back to a room every evening, all alone - he misses ya’ll. If you can go along BOTH times, do it. When your child is older, and you have more commitments, you may not be able to go.

Why does your DH want you to go with him? He will be in training all day and you will be sitting alone in the hotel room with a 4 month old baby.

There’s not much to do in Vegas by yourself with a 4 month old. I wouldn’t go out wandering around, there’s a lot of crime in LV.

And, if he’s going to be working long hours, what if the baby is fussy/crying at night when he’s trying to sleep?

Sorry, not trying to be a downer… but … it doesn’t sound like any fun to me or such a good idea for you husband to focus on work.

Eh, I’d stay home. A week doesn’t seem very long to me tho…and 4-5hrs is a long car ride with a 4mo old. Even a 7mo old. THat, and I can’t stand vegas…but if you’re itching for a vacation, sounds perfect. Just don’t fool yourself into thinking you’ll get a vacation with your DH…because it will be a big downer when you realize the company is paying for him to be there, so they’re going to want the most out of him…if you go thinking “we’ll be alone the whole time, but it will still be fun for us” that’s great, but if you go thinking “oh, we’ll get to spend time together when he’s not working/training/etc” – well, you might be setting yourself up for a big disappointment…just my 2cents from a military wife who’s stayed home many times and gone many times…to me, a week without DH is a vacation from cooking!! LOL. Sure I miss him, but I can watch supernanny with no guilt, I can even watch american idol or “medical incredible” and not feel like I’m forcing him to watch too…or worse yet, DEBATE COVERAGE!!! LOL. A week is a nice excuse to put my feet up a bit…but that’s just me

There are some fun things to do in Las Vegas. And, surprisingly, not all that expensive. Especially if you are cooking in the room.

Do some net research and make a decision then.
If it was me, though, I would totally go.

I wouldn’t go with a baby. Just because of the long drive to and from Vegas, I just wouldn’t want to do that with a baby.
And then the places I would want to go in Vegas, babies and children are not allowed. And you can’t stay out long nights with a baby. Just for a week, it would seem more of a hassel.

I have been to Vegas a few times. I love it for the entertainment and food, (<3 Mandalay Bay), but I just know in my case, bringing a baby wouldn’t be a good idea.

But it’s totally up to you.

Did your husband say why he wanted you to go with him? It does seem like an unusual request if he won’t be out of his conferences until 10:30pm each night. Does that mean that he starts later in the day and would have free time with you in the mornings?

First of all, you must have a really good husband who wants you to be with him, and asks you and baby to come along:) I have many friends who would never even consider taking their wives along anywhere.

Secondly, 4-5 hours in a car with a four month old is not that bad. I did it all the time (and plan to with baby #4). Feed him/her right before you leave and you’ll probably only have to stop once halfway through for feeding and diaper. A bottlefed baby can generally make it the whole way (especially if you go at night since they sleep all night anyway).

If you have a small car, you could always reach around with one hand and bottle feed him/her while you drive…until your wife whacks you upside the head for doing it:rolleyes:

But seriously, I think travelling with a one year old is actually harder. They have enough mobility to want to be moving everywhere and generally don’t sleep a lot like little babies do. Plus they still have really short attention spans. Therefore you hear a lot of screaming unless you get lucky or plan really well.


I’d go–sure. The 10:30pm trip might get a little boring, not having the creature comforts of your own home–but the 5:30pm trip will be much better–and a real treat for everyone. I vote for going.:slight_smile:

I went on something like this–usually a dinner is woven into the evenings, with lectures, networking, etc…so, it can make for a loooooong day.:o I didn’t have to go this year–and heard it was more of what I remembered of a few years ago.

I don’t really have experience with this kind of thing (yet, though it’s probably in my future as an engineer somewhere down the line), so feel free to ignore me, but training 'til 10:30pm sounds like a drag. the 5:30 thing sounds good as long as he’d be completely done at 5:30 (as in, no social/business engagements afterwards). Major props to your husband for making the offer though :clapping:

You would probably have more fun if you waited to go when DH would have time to play in the evenings.

Vegas is actually a pretty cheap place to visit if you’re not gambling. Never before have I seen so many $5 all you can eat buffets (they suck you in with the cheap food so you’ll spend more money at the casino). For things you could do with a baby…

See the lions at MGM Grand (free)
Watch the Bellagio fountains
The downtown light show is pretty cool, too.
Daily mass (you can do that anywhere!)
You could probably find story times at the library or bookstores, too.

You’re right about the weather. Vegas is HOT HOT HOT in June. I spent a couple of weeks there for work back in the summer of '99. Oh memories.

Go and have a good time. I have taken my daughter at 7 months for two days and wished I had more time to do all that I had hoped to do with her. There is a Children’s Museum in the northern part of Las Vegas that looked like a ton of fun (I love Children’s Museums, they’re fun and time consuming) but we didn’t have the time to go because of all the activities to see on the strip (we were staying on the strip, so we could just walk around). I love people watching and what better place than Vegas. As for the drive, like a pp stated, it really isn’t bad at all. There are many of us here that have flown for that long or longer with infants and we’ll tell you that driving would be a whole lot nicer. I say go, but then again, I LOVE VACATIONS and desire the warm weather (I’ve been to Vegas in August and LOVED the dry heat, we only get humidity with that kind of heat up here in Chicagoland)

I’d go for sure, but I love hot places and love travelling. Plus, I don’t have any kids yet, so I don’t yet realize how hard it might be to travel with them.

Here are some things I think you might like to consider:

  1. Your husband may want you to come so he has an excuse to avoid the inappropriate invitations he might get. Sure, he could say “I’m not interested in going there,” but it’s much easier and he’ll have less hassle if he can say, “I’m not interested in going there, plus my lovely wife and darling baby are waiting for me back at the hotel.” The second one is much more difficult to argue with.

  2. If you’re spending most of the day alone with baby, plan some local activities that interest you. Choose at least three things per day - you won’t do them all, but you’ll want a variety so you can pick air-conditioned activities if the heat is bothering you, or outdoor activities if you feel the need for some fresh air.

  3. If your husband will be meeting local people, perhaps one of them will have a family member that would love to show you around. You never know, you could end up making a great new friend.

  4. A great pastime for travelling is taking photographs. If you have a digital camera, it’s a wonderful and inexpensive way to entertain yourself and also share the vacation with your husband by showing him what you’ve been doing all day.

  5. Beats tidying the house, doesn’t it? And you can probably get laundry service, too.

  6. For breakfast, fresh fruits and yogurt or cereal are a great option. You can keep them in the bar fridge and then you don’t need a room with a kitchenette. Lunch will probably be eaten at a restaurant because you’ll be out. That leaves only dinner to worry about, and a PP pointed out that there are lots of cheap buffets.

  7. Here is a typical day for me when I travel alone:
    *]Morning: Wake up early, eat breakfast at the hotel if it’s available. If not, I grab something from a bakery, cafe, or convenience store.
    *]Mid-morning: Go to a museum, park, church, temple… some kind of local tourist attraction. Take lots of pictures.
    *]Lunch: Eat very slowly and look at the pictures I’ve taken. Make sure I take at least an hour for lunch, because my legs will be tired.
    *]Early afternoon: Should be an indoor activity to avoid the heat of the day. I often go shopping - I particularly like to peruse grocery stores far from home to see what kinds of things are available. Maybe I’m weird. I might also see a movie or go up the tallest local tourist building or something. In Vegas, I’d probably watch people playing the slots for an hour or two as well.
    *]Mid afternoon: Buy an iced drink and sit in the shade at a park for an hour or so. If someone shares my bench, I might chat with them. Watch children or dogs play in the park. Rest my legs. Take more pictures.
    *]Late afternoon: Wander back to the hotel for a rest if I’m tired. I usually am by this point.
    *]Evening: Eat a light dinner, and maybe wander out again to see the night sights. Take more pictures. This is generally when I buy postcards or visit a local tourist market.

On the other hand, if you’re not comfortable travelling alone, you might prefer to stay home. I know I wouldn’t, though.

Go, GO, GO! Both times.

First of all, if your husband is asking you to go, that should be enough…he works hard, is in meetings away from home that are a drag, to pay for you and your darling baby to have creature comforts…even if its not your dream vacation, go and keep him company. Go - Be nice.

  1. I agree with a previous poster, maybe he knows the people he is going with will be asking him to participate in inappropriate activities (or that he will be tempted alone by himself) and he is asking for you to be there to support him making the right choice…you should. Worse still, imagine if you don’t go, he will be lonely, and feeling rejected, and this might put greater temptations in his mind. Go - Be smart.

  2. Getting out and away from the routine, with a 4 month old, or a 40 year old is an opportunity to see new things, grow, and enjoy life. Go - Be fun.

Be nice, be smart, be fun, please your husband, and enjoy yourself…go, Go, GO!

I’m also in the GO GO GO camp. I’ve only been to Las Vegas once, and am not even into gambling, but I had a great time. I’m sure you’re going to be in places with lots of people, so just take regular precautions re: safety.

The Children’s Museum sounds great, and you’ll have a car to get there - that’s a day or so taken up with a fun activity right there!

I just loved walking the Strip and popping into the different hotels and window shopping. Caesar’s Palace, the Venetian, Paris Las Vegas, MGM Grand - such fun just looking at the people, not to mention the shops.

There’s also Fashion Square Mall on the strip - big and wonderful fun, and plenty of places to sit and cheap food.

There’s a great Sephora store right next to the Venetian, I believe. That’s just heaven for me.

You’ll also find some “food court” type venues where you and the baby can sit and you can get a bite pretty cheaply. (I didn’t find the buffets as cheap as I’d heard, but I guess it depends on where you go…)

We rode the Monorail a lot; made it much easier to get around and cut down on the walking (it will, indeed, be HOT, but “a dry heat”, which I would welcome instead of our gosh awful humidity down here.)

I also love having a kitchenette available - such a time and moneysaver.

When our girls were little (even as infants) we hauled them with us everywhere; not always perfect circumstances, but we always found something fun. I wouldn’t trade those days for anything, and miss them now that they are grown (though we still try to travel with them when possible…rarely, unfortunately.)

Go and enjoy!

I’m not sure if DH will get a stipend and for the trip in April, I doubt he’ll get any meal allowance since he’ll be in training all day and all meals for him will be covered in his training. In June, his breakfast and lunch only will be covered for himself.

I agree it’s a good idea to purchase food at the grocery store and cook if there will be a kitchen in the room. I guess I won’t know until we get there.

I don’t really have activities planned yet, but I was thinking more along the lines of window shopping and walking around if I’m not at the hotel. I currently stay home and indoors most of the time caring for my LO. If I go and spend time in the hotel room, I don’t know what I would do aside from interacting with LO if there’s no internet access available - read a book? Watch TV? At least with the internet, time seems to fly by faster :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I forgot to mention that LO is bf exclusively, meaning no bottles or pumped milk. So that said, I would have to expect to nurse every 2-3 hours while I’m out. That’s why it’s easier for me to stay indoors :slight_smile: Nursing in the car (which I prefer to do as opposed to a public restroom) would be too hot and unless the indoor malls provide places for nursing (no way could I nurse in a smoke-filled casino), then I would have to go back to the hotel room to nurse and then go back out.

DH wants me to go because prior to me becoming a new mother, I worked full-time so I was never able to go with DH on his business trips before baby came along. Now that I stay home, he’s wanting me to spend as much time with him as possible, especially with the baby…which I think is sweet. Some may not agree, but a week is a long time for us to be apart. Currently, he’s gone 1-2 nights out of the week, every week and already one night away is such a long time. The days just seem to go by slower :frowning: As husband and wife, we just feel there’s never too much time we can spend with each other. :heart:

I couldn’t agree more with the concerns about the crime in LV. I would be wandering around in an unfamiliar place with a baby, no less, and it’s not like I would always feel safe. For the most part, I would probably wear my LO but then I would have to worry about where to change his diaper and how to nurse him.

So far, baby sleeps through the night at home but who’s to say how it will be when we’re in a different environment from home? Especially the trip in April, 10:30 is late and training starts again early the next morning. Not much interaction there because I know DH will be tired and will need to rest up for the next day.

Are you sure about internet access? I have not seen a hotel, even a budget hotel that does not have inet access in a long time.

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