Should birth control be illegal?


Because here in the Western World, that battle has been fought and lost and it would be more prudent to focus on issues that have a chance of success


I mean, what would prohibiting birth control do, except raise the abortion rate?


Sorry metime the Angelic Doctor provides some pretty useful insight:


Heroin used to be used in children’s cough syrup as apparently it was not addictive we know differently now don’t we. Just beacuse something like Marajuana can be used as a medicine doesn’t mean that it should be used as a medicine.

And as for Catholics pushing for birth control to be illegal it’s not something I could ever agree too I depend on birth control for SERIOUS medical reasons my only other option is a hysterectomy and for me personally I could never go the hysterectomy route.

If birth control became illegal more and more men would be having a vasectomy or there would be more unwanted pregnancies and more abortions everyone has different beliefs and religions and I think that it is important for us to respect those beliefs what is right and just to us could be something entirely different to someone else


It’s also not the devil’s lettuce like its detractors claim it to be (and, actually, romaine is the devil’s lettuce it seems). Marijuana is less a menace to society than alcohol. It does have side effects, but it also has legitimate medical uses. Migraines, insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety, epilepsy, seizures. Places where pot is legal also see a decrease in opioid dependency.


Hush, don’t use common sense in the birth control/abortion debate!


Yes, birth control should be illegal except when prescribed as a hormone treatment for some medical condition (preventing pregnancy is not a legitimate purpose). Birth control is not morally neutral. Marijuana on the other hand is like alcohol, as long as you don’t do it to access, it’s not evil in and of itself.


I would argue that ready access to birth control, especially to the point where it’s considered a good thing in society, increases abortion, not decreases it.


But the 90% chance of having a child with sma type 1, like my wife and I have isn’t? It’s a guaranteed death sentence by 1 for 85-90 percent of the cases. I watched my parents bury 2 children it nearly destroyed them emotionally.


birth control pills/devices are NEVER going to illegal by US civil code

my/your opinion on the issue is irrelevant with regard to the reality of the situation

OP is trolling…

in the USA we let the “states” decide issues like this…


mental health professionals would say it is, based on the way some people react to it


The difference is that abortion isn’t just a sin against God; it’s a sin against other humans too (specifically those humans aborted).

If something is only a sin against God then banning it would be infringing on religious freedom, but if something is also a sin against other humans then banning it is justified from a secular view as well. That’s why of the 10 commandments only the 5th (“Thou shalt not murder”), 7th (“Thou shalt not steal”), and 8th (“Thou shalt not bare false witness” [lying under oath in court is a serious crime]) are enshrined into law.


Contraceptives used to be illegal in the US, I believe under the Comstock laws.
Fun fact: these laws were passed by Protestant lawmakers.
Before the 1930s, the major religious groups all strongly opposed ABC. Then, for various reasons, the various groups abandoned this teaching, one by one.

So, it’s actually not a hypothetical question.

Will these laws come back any time soon?

Prolly not.


Murder is always murder.

Because it is a child doesn’t mean it is less a murder.


‘Thou shalt not kill.’


I do, if we outlaw heroin and such because it has a negative impact on society, we should ban artificial birth control for the same reason.


abortifacient types of contraception should be illegal. In a pluralistic society, where most persons are not Catholic, we might have to settle for permitting contraception to be legal as long as it is not abortifacient.


St Thomas Aquinas argued that just because something is a sin does not mean it should be illegal. I believe that for that reason contraception should not be illegal (though it should not be encouraged either).

I agree 100% with the other posters on the forum however that abortion should be illegal because we are talking about the taking of an innocent life, which cannot be legitimized at all. Same with euthanasia


Yes, but what does that have to do with the OP or my post?

My only point was that at one time contraceptives were illegal in the US and not because of mean bossy Catholics


Going slightly off topic, but o just wanted to say NCBC is an excellent resource for these types of questions.

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