Should birth control be illegal?


That reinforces my point. Adultery isn’t just a sin against God, it’s also a betrayal of the cheated-on spouse’s trust and a sure way to psychologically hurt any children in the household.


Can we please support women with the help of their doctors, priests, and families to make their own healthcare decisions?


Heaven forbid!


Good point, but I get the feeling that the “ban ABC” crowd isn’t terribly interested in that sort of reciprocity.


Even a secular state legislates against some moral crimes (murder, theft etc).

In any state where murder is a crime so should be abortion.

In most of the Christian world birth control was illegal 100 years ago, because it is a sin and at that time most people were practicing Christians.


I’m not talking about abortion.


There are varying different types of hormonal therapies, hormonal birth control drugs, and abortifacient drugs.

This thread keeps popping up, and a simple search will show dozens of similar threads that usually always get locked where there are multiple different angles.

It’s important that you speak to your priest, your primary care physician and other doctors involved in your care, as well as your family to ensure that the best therapy is found for you and the circumstances. A priest will help you navigate difficult spaces.


It is not for religious reasons, but for the same reasons that murder is not legal, but killing in war is, but yet there are war crimes also.


Murder is not a valid choice, nor is it a choice any human should support.


The question is about birth control,not about abortion.For anything to be illegal,the law makers of the country should make law to that effect and then it’s consequence will be the punishment prescribed in that law.To my knowledge no country has so far made any law to the effect that it is illegal . There is absolutely no chance that it will be made illegal in future also.So the question is an irrelevant one.
The present stand of the Catholic Church that if it is done by natural method,it is not a sin but otherwise is a sin does not appear to have a sound basis.Why should there be a distinction whether it is natural or artificial? You use spectacles or hearing aids which are artificial but feel no guilt,is it not?


Artificial birth control and abortion are not comparable. After conception you have a new life and a unique human being in the mother’s womb. The sperm and the egg which are prevented from conception through ABC are not new life and not human beings.

Use of ABC is a grave sin but it will never be made illegal in this country.


The reason is that it distorts the ordering of the conjugal act, which is naturally ordered toward procreation. Withdrawal is not artificial yet it is still immoral for that reason. NFP on the other hand does not change the ordering of a particular act.


Well, I think Roe depicts abortion as a human right. I disagree with that. I think policies should be aimed at preventing and stopping abortion. I think having a Supreme Court decision that limits a state in their ability to ban abortions through law is unjust. But I also think a truly pro life polician has to see abortion as something like a health crisis or epidemic. And as such, the girl should involve systematically looking at policies that work while respecting people’s human dignity. For instance, I know some pro lifers who insist that women who are against home births.

Do you also think birth control should be illegal?

No, but I believe the medical community needs a greater understanding of what the Church teaches about family planning and how to respect such religious beliefs. To do this, though, NFP promoting organizations need to actually study Humanae Vitae rather than look to it as a proof text to support their preheld positions.

And get a good Catholic dictionary when you’re at it.

It is also a mortal sin, according to the Catholic Church.

The Church does not give a list of mortal sins. Mortal sin requires the sin be a grave matter (the objective component of sin) and that there is full consent of the will and full knowledge (the subjective components of sin. Moral relativism denies the objectivity of discerning whether a matter is grave or not. Most people actually reject this. Most people are not moral relativists, but a lot of people reject Church teaching because they think of consent as on/off and knowledge as “I know this sin is listed in this rule book.”

Intrinsic means that the evil nature of something is within itself. In other words, it is not evil because it leads someone or causes another evil. So those who say that contraception is immoral because it leads to abortion are actually DENYING that it’s an intrinsic evil.


Birth control should never be and will never be illegal.


Birth control or contraception is against the divine law and natural law and no human law can trump the divine or natural law. Such a law is an evil and really no law at all and certainly not good for the human race and each person’s end and eternal destiny.

Unfortunately, not every one believes in God or the God of Christianity nor do all people agree on what the natural law specifies or even if there is a natural law although the natural law can be derived by the natural light of reason. Being that God created human beings with free will, he doesn’t force people to believe in Him so we can’t force the faith on people against their will although we ought to catechize and evangelize as Jesus commissioned us at the same time respecting people’s freedom as God created us.

In a democratic society such as the U.S.A., the state is by the people and for the people. The people also elect representatives to represent them in running the government. Our kind of government seems to be the best kind of government respecting and protecting the people’s individual freedoms and what not. So, let’s say the question comes up on whether birth control or contraception should be made legal or not. Well, according to our system of government, the people themselves probably ought to decide by vote, the majority vote winning I suppose. Personally, I wouldn’t vote for it of course and neither would I if I was an elected representative of the state. People generally know the views of the representatives before they elect them and which I would express, for example, if I made a run to be a representative. If you vote for me, your going to have a good idea of what I vote for concerning legislative laws in congress.

In conclusion, I personally could not in good conscience vote to pass a law that is against the divine law which I believe is only detrimental to human society, their happiness, and eternal salvation. It would entail formal cooperation in sin even if I never used contraceptives or believed they should not be used. But, God has not appointed me to rule over all other human beings and force my belief as it were on them. Accordingly, it seems to me as I said, it should be decided by the people in a vote. And if by majority vote contraception was made legal say, I still wouldn’t consider this absolutely lawful as it is against the divine law so such a law should not be forced on the people in a way that would go against the conscience of the people who are against it such as forcing a person to take contraceptives. It would be a kind of law that is essentially a personal choice, it would allow people to use contraceptives if they personally chose too without penalties from the state. And no company should be forced by the state to make contraceptives but if some chose to do so they wouldn’t be prosecuted by the state. If the state tried to force one such as a christian to do something against their conscience, faith, religion, and the divine law, well that is where we draw the line and say no and may have to sacrifice our life for what we believe and merit eternal life. As St Peter said, ‘We must obey God rather than men’.


Your headine states birth control: NO

Abortion: a lot more work needs to be done. Making it illegal will not stop it. Punishing a 16 year old girl will also not help. And that is why I state “a lot more work needs to be done”.

Ps. I am against abortion.


I imagine it would be quite rare for a 16yo girl to be either morally or legally culpable for an abortion anyway. Charge the person who performed the abortion and possibly whatever adult brought her to the abortionist and provided the money. While you are at it, charge whoever got her pregnant if they are an adult.


FIRST: Contraception is ethical in cases of rape. As people are always going to be in danger of rape, people should have access to contraceptives.
SECOND: Birth control, regulating births, doesn’t necessarily mean contraception. Some can regulate births without contraception.
THIRD: A ban on regulating births is itself a form of birth control. Birth control ban simply takes birth control away from individuals & to the state. Romania’s ban on contraception to expand the population is an example of this.


Provided conception hasn’t occurred.


I completely agree - but if the woman is a responsible adult she should also be charged.

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