Should California becomes its own nation? One group says yes


California’s been described as a country unto itself. Could it be?
“Yes California,” a pro-secession group, filed paperwork with the state attorney general in November for a proposed 2018 ballot measure to strike language in the state constitution binding California to the United States.
This month, the group announced the opening of a “cultural center” in Moscow – “the first of many planned California culture centers which will serve to build a bridge between the nation of California and the nations of the world,” read a statement on Yes California’s website.


I suspect if you put it to a vote, you’d only find strong support for secession in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. Most of the rest of the state would be strongly opposed.


Please! Let’s make this happen. Imagine all the debt the rest of the US would no longer be saddled with.


I suspect we would still have the old debts. No need debts, but also no new revenue. Since more federal taxes are collected from California then are spent there, this could cause a problem.


I imagine all our unfunded wars have something to do with that debt.


Imagine Moscow having a foothold in California!

Who is courting Russia???


No. That state and its celebrity inhabitants need to start supporting the U.S. instead of believing their opinions are more worthy than anyone else’s.
Vanity. It’s our own fault. We have allowed celebrity take over our mindset on many issues.


California would be the world’s sixth largest economy if we were our own Bear Republic. Without the revenue from this state of fruits and nuts, those living in what they consider to be the Real America would be in sad shape. Of course, if you are from Wyoming or Mississippi your vote counts much more in proportion than those of us living in the Golden State.:eek:


In Montana we have cattle, wheat, berries, wild game (deer and elk), fish, farms with variety of produce, and this stuff called potable fresh water. Without Califronia I think we would muddle through some how. We can get oranges and bananas from other states or countries.


We could also buy them from California. If they left the union it wouldn’t mean they would no longer sell us stuff. We would still be a big part of their economy and their most important trading partner.




If you would like to inform your imagination with salient facts


Yes, please! Then the rest of the USA can be controlled by conservatives for the next 50 years, while California ruins itself with insane debt and self destruction through destroying the family.


As opposed to China, Japan, etc.?

while California ruins itself with insane debt

probably less likely than the rest of the country fighting unfunded wars.


Not going to happen, but what an interesting socio-political experiement if it did. There’s an old trueism: “You become what you hate.” What I think would happen in the “California Nation” would be a re-play of Paris in the Terror: the “tolerant,” revolutionary left, already deep in the near-Fascism of Political Correctness, would continue to move in the direction of a hyper-controlled political orthodoxy, thought control, crushing taxes to fund ever-increasing agenda-driven social programs, and a paranoid fear of opposing opinions. Maybe no guillotines, but surely the same closed-mindedness and suppression of opposing views that “liberals” accuse the “right” of. As I said, you become what you hate.


The question of secession was decided in blood over 150 years ago. Does any sane person want to see a modern round 2?


The nation of California ?

Not going to happen but if it did the Mexican drug cartels would rule the streets of Southern California in a matter of weeks.


Secessionists are disloyal and should be barred from political office and governmental employment.

I’d go so far as to say this rates a place on an offucial watch list.



I’d say that in many instances the sanity of state secessionists should be called into question.



This will never work. Once the elderly learn they will have no Social Security and Medicare they will vote it down. California doesn’t have enough resources to take care of them. :shrug:

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