Should Catholics boycott "When We Rise"?

Considering the LGBT-centric nature of the miniseries…

It’s not something I would spend time watching. If you feel the same way, then don’t watch it.

Presenting it as a Catholic boycott, however, may create more problems than it solves. For one, it reinforces a common misconception that the Church is all about sexual prohibitions. That’s not exactly the message we want to send.

Can Catholics find a more positive (corrective, redemptive) approach?

Tell people about these great Catholic documentaries on same sex attraction:

The Third Way:

Desire of the Everlasting Hills:

If you try to launch a boycott and a bunch of Catholic still watch anyway, or worse, are made more curious about the thing being boycotted and thus are even MORE inclined to watch, the effort might be counterproductive.

On the other hand, if we just don’t watch things that have an immoral message, they often fall flat anyway. I had never heard of this show until I read your post and had to Google it to learn what it was.

Thanks for those suggestions. I’ll view them when I have a spare moment.

Do you mean boycott as in publicly declaring that we’re not watching it, giving the series a whole bunch of free attention and publicity? Or just finding something else to watch? If it’s the second choice, I’m in.

If you’re up on your apologetics and strong in your Faith and clear on Church teachings, maybe it would be desirable to watch it to see how it presents those issues, since probably some of your friends, coworkers, kids’ teachers, and others will choose to watch it.

I hardly ever watch network TV, preferring to pick what I watch on Netflix or DVD. But the other day I actually went to the movie theater (a rare occasion for me too!) and they ran a trailer for “When We Rise” before the movie. I didn’t like that they did this because the movie was “Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them,” which would be expected to draw a youthful audience.

But since learning from that of the existence of the TV miniseries, I did some checking online, reviews and so on. And just from watching the trailer I could see it’s probably pretty thinly veiled pro-gay-lifestyle propaganda. I would be willing to bet it plays on emotions, glosses over the dark underbelly of the gay life, equates it with racial civil rights, and that teenagers and young adults in particular will not be able to discern the moral differences and be taken in by it.

So, if you are strong in your Catholic faith and intelligent enough to discern, you may be wise to watch it and see how they handle the subject matter. Especially if you’re a parent and your teenagers/young adult children want to watch it.

No. Why on earth would you want to help publicize and draw more attention to this? Why would you want to encourage people to “see what all the fuss is about”?

Boycotts are free publicity. If you want to help publicize this gay miniseries, then by all means “boycott” it.

Yeah, we need to drop the whole “boycott” thing. It’s completely counterproductive. For one, traditionalist Catholics just aren’t that powerful of a bloc anymore. Second, it just creates free publicity for whatever you’re trying to counteract. Lots of people go, “Hm, wonder what all the fuss is about? Must be something really interesting if it has people so upset, maybe I’ll check it out.”

By all means, just don’t watch it. But don’t try to organize some kind of boycott.

Believe it or not, When We Rise hasn’t been doing so well in the ratings.

I can believe it. The general public isn’t nearly as entertained by lectures on political correctness as the mainstream media would like to think.

I mentioned that in my own thread about Gay-related series and movies:

I think we are in the midst of what I call Post-Gay Syndrome.

We accept that it exists----now stop beating us to death with it every 12 seconds. :rolleyes::thumbsup:

I guess it partly depends how much time you have on your hands.

I can’t say much more because I know virtually nothing about the show.

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