Should Catholics support FOSS?

It seems to me that Richard Stallman and his movement is encouraging people to use only software which is DRM-free and non-proprietary and he is applying moral principles to software and says that free software is a right and equates it to free speech. I use Linux myself because it’s such a large collaboration that puts out a lot of quality, state of the art software, but I’m unsure what one should make of Stallman’s free software movemnet. So should we or should we not support FOSS?

I don’t think this really has anything to do with religion.

I personally support the movement because I think software has become an essential tool in the lives of millions; without it many of us could not do our jobs and support our families. To that end, requiring exorbitant payments for the software is detrimental to the common good because it makes it unavailable to a wide range of the population.

That, and DRM’s annoy me to no end. It’s bad when it’s easier to pirate a game than to pay for and install it legally >_>.

There is no moral or religious issue in FOSS v proprietary.

There is, however, a moral issue in piracy.

If you don’t want to pay for software, stick to FOSS.

If you really need a particular proprietary application, pay for it.


Strange question. How can one not support it? And how is “support” meant? Financially or programmatically (i.e., helping with the codes) or something else?

Personally, I think the closed-source vs open-source issue boils down to whether you prefer form over function. The OS versions of CS works do the same thing , but do not have the same ‘shiny’ look to it–Libre/Open Office compared MS Office is a perfect example.

I am so glad Linux exists, and i agree to a large degree with Richards moral theory regarding free software. Proprietary software goes against all moral sensibility concerning the common good. Linux opens up opportunity’s to developing countries and poor families, and people that want to have real access to their operating system without worrying about the law.

However, many Catholics are brainwashed by the belief that they have an unconditional right to private property and ideas. They confuse this belief with the Catholic faith and its teaching. This is especially prevalent on this forum and America in general. The common good cannot function to its true potential in that environment.

In my opinion nobody should buy Microsoft products, unless it is necessary for them to use a professional program that is not available to them on Linux. It is also crazy to pay for an operating system if all you do with your computer is surf the net and tweet.

Linux provides a way out for those who prefer not to be at the mercy of piracy laws and drm, but are not interested in buying mafiasoft, sorry i meant mircrosoft.

I am using Pinguy OS and i am going to install Artist X today as a second distro.

Here is a link if anybody is interested.

Linux is Catholic.

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