Should Catholics support Israel, Palestine, or take a neutral stance?

Hey everyone. Should Catholics support Israel, Palestine, or take a neutral stance? I really have no idea.

Palestine no longer exists. Long live Israel.

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Hey everyone. Should Catholics support Israel, Palestine, or take a neutral stance? I really have no idea.

[quote]Palestine no longer exists. Long live Israel.


There was a Catholic Bishop on the TV news just a little while ago from the Middle East, I don’t remember the name because I wasn’t paying much attention, but what did grab my attention for a minute and stuck with me was when he said, **“God is not a real estate agent.” **And that is what I believe.


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I personally take a neutral stance on the issue. I am against terrorism of any sort whether it comes from the Islamists or from the Israelies. Terrorism is evil and so I of course am staunchly opposed to it.

That said, I don’t understand why so many Christians staunchly support Israel and seem to hate the Palestinians when there are some Palestinian Christians too. They seem to forget about them or they just aren’t aware of them.

My sympathies are with the Palestinian Christians first and foremost.

I would take an humane stance on it. Which in my view means denouncing the aggressive actions of Israel, such as making the Gaza Strip into the largest open air prison in the world or siezing land from Palestinians without warning.

I’m also skeptical of why many Christians are for the establishment of Israel. There is a belief, mainly among Evangelicals, called premillennial dispensationalism which involves the rapture taking place after the establishment of the ancient land of Israel. There’s more to it but I think some see Palestine as nothing but an obstacle to this and not as human beings trying to live their lives.

I’m on board with Israel all the way! :thumbsup:

Palestinian and Arab suicide bombers have done tremendous damage and killed many Israelis over the years. In many instances the Israelis have answered with overwhelming force and have pursued many unjust and destructive policies. As Catholics we should try to achieve justice and peace for both sides – calling out both sides for their destructive and counter-productive behaviors. The truth is neither side really seems interested in some sort of settlement. Until they see past their animosities nothing permanent can occur in the Middle East.

Support for Israel, most notable among American evangelicals, seems more rooted in their pre-millenial dispensationalist theology. They need Israel to exist more to fulfill a role they gleaned for it from their reading of scripture.


I would say best would be neutral stance… Since its the holy land we need to protect it. But due to the government, its better for neutral :slight_smile:

I support whichever way leads to peace the fastest. If that means have Israel give up land for a sovereign Palestine, so be it. If not, then that’s just as well.

Which ever brings peace the fastest.

Exactly. Right on all points. I agree.


Be neutral. You should just want protection of the Holy Land. But if you have to ask me, pick Israel - they’re less likely to destroy America, since we fund them :D.

I go with God’s chosen people, Israel, in general. But, I go for believers in Jesus Christ on both sides specifically, because they are my brothers and sisters.

How can you support an illegal state that persecutes Catholics and other Christians…especially Palestinian Christians. The unholy state if Isreal is driving indigenous Christians out of Bethlehem, Nazareth and other cities and areas that once had a large and vibrant Chrustian community. I don’t know how a Catholic with an informed understanding of the situation could support the “state of Israel”.

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While I definitely love and respect the Arab Christians in the Holy Land,
and pray for their success and well-being,
I am 100%, and then some, in full support
of the Jewish state of ISRAEL.

I am a Catholic, and do not believe in premillenial dispensationalism or
any such protestant interpretation of scripture,
but I most DEFINITELY believe that the re-establishment
of the Jewish state in the Promised Land IS a fulfillment of biblical prophecy,
and that ultimately it is GOD HIMSELF who has brought these
dear people back to their beloved land and beloved city of JERUSALEM.
To have Israel re-born in 1948, just three years after the Nazi-led
massacre of 6 million of the Jews of the world, is nothing short of a miracle,
no matter what political machinations were also involved,
and I don’t honestly see how any one can deny the Hand of God in this.
To me, it is all too obvious.
Long live Israel. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

I have another idea. How about america stops giving Israel weapons and stuff, and instead we come over and make Palestine a country called “the Holy Land”. It’ll be a land filled with Christians, favoring Catholics, and be open to many visitors. A very peaceful place. sound fair? :wink:

BTW I’m sure there are Jewish christians also.

Mine too.

The Vatican has diplomatic ties to Israel, so evidently they consider they consider them a legitimate state. And, Christian access to all the holy sites connected to our LORD’s life has been protected by the Israelis much better than during the periods of Muslim governance.


Doesn’t the Vatican also jab diplomatic ties to Palestine? Something like that…

I find it very difficult to understand a position of “nuetrality” taken by a Catholic in defense of Isreal. Our faith was born from the Jewish faith. Our LORD and MASTER lived and died a Jew. All of HIS apostles with the exception of Luke were Jews. HIS holy Mother is our Queen Mother - a Jewish tradition. HIS Jewish washing in the Jordan river by John the Baptist - initiated our baptism. HIS last Passover meal initiated our MASS. We should be Jewish except for the rejection by the leadership of JESUS, but not by all as is evident at the first Pentecost.
HIS covenant protection for the nation of Isreal is still very much in place and we would do well not to stand against GOD’s covenant protection or to take a “whatever” attitude of indifferent nuetrality.

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