Should Catholics support Trump still?

Im like Jesus, i love Mary and so that make me a Mamas Boy. Lol
I voted for Trump this election, or should i say " I voted against Hillary" because of the pro-life movement that Catholics support.
Im trying to make this question simple, should Catholics still support Pres. Trump?
Me personally, I’m all for him still, but should I?
I just want to see what most Catholic are saying now that we are going on a year.
I certainly don’t regret my vote at this point.
So what do you all have to say?

As I just said on the other thread:
Whether or not we like the man or voted for him, he is the President of our country. When the President fails, it hurts the country. We should therefore pray that God guides him to do a reasonable job as President and that he does not fail.

Our “support” or “non-support” at this point means nothing. If evidence is found that he committed a crime, he can be impeached and prosecuted. Otherwise, he’s going to stay in there whether you like him or not, until the next election. If he runs again, then Catholics can choose whether or not to “support” him with their votes.

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I’ve never supported him. His behavior during the debates was shameful. It showed the world what he would be like as a President. (And yep, he still acts as childishly as he did during the debates.)

BUT he did win the election. So whether we as individuals or collectively as Catholics agree with him or not. we are obligated as a nation, to pray for him and ask God to keep His hand over Trump’s so that we won’t end up in WWIII because Trump can’t control himself.

I agree with each response. I wish him well but will not defend his childish behaviors or statements nor most of his misguided political agenda.

Hell, I’d have voted for Elmer J. Fudd or Betty Boop before pulling the lever for HRC or Bernie Sanders!

I find it interesting that mark Taylor the firefighter prophet . predicted Donald trump in 2011.
This is why many Evangelical Christians support him.
They recognized that god anointed him for this time .

Then you add Johnathon cahn. Another prophetic man.
Church goers have to be blind deaf and dumbbell.
Not to recognize the hand of God on him.

Oh well … Many people can Not recognize when spiritual events occur.
I have met many people who lack spiritual discernment.
It is not exclusive to any particular denomination.

We can and should always support the current president with our prayers.

Whether we support certain decisions or policies of the president depends on what those decisions and policies are. As with any president, some will be worthy of support and others will not be.


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