Should Chaplets be blessed?


Do chaplets need to be blessed, like rosaries? Can they be blessed along with rosaries, or should they be separated?


I have two chaplets blessed. They are sacramentals, just like the rosary.
Should be no problem to have them blessed as they are considered a devotion like the rosary.


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Welcome to the forums and yes, have a priest bless them.

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Neither chaplets nor rosaries (meaning the physical sets of beads) need to be blessed, but it is highly appropriate for them to be so. As for the prayers and devotions that constitute rosaries and chaplets, if they are approved by the Church, one could consider that as equivalent to having the Church’s blessing.


what is ‘done’ to the object when a thing is blessed? Like why are things blessed in the first place?


Hi Alex :wave: When an object such as a Rosary is blessed, the priest or deacon usually says a prayer and makes the Sign of the Cross over it. Sometimes, they also use holy water to bless an item; but not always. Maybe this will shed more light on your question. It is an excerpt from the book “Catholicism for Dummies” by Father John Trigilio and Father Kenneth Brighenti.

“Sacramentals <Rosarys, scapulars, chaplets, medals… etc.> aren’t good luck charms, talismans, or magic objects. For Catholics, they’re merely reminders of the supernatural gifts God gives - such as grace, which is invisible.” (pg. 303)

Hope this helps. God bless.


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