Should children go to Salem for Halloween?

My sister asked me if it would be okay to take my two nieces up to Salem, Massachusetts, to do the tours they have in regards to the witches, etc. I told her in no way do I want my nieces there because of what has gone on and is still ongoing. I am a firm believer in spiritual warfare and need more help in discouraging my sister from going… or am I making too much of something that is harmless?

In the brief research I’ve done online, it appears that Salem, Massachusetts, does have kid-friendly Halloween events (source), and there is nothing wrong in principle with celebrating Halloween by going to Salem. But I do share your concern that other events in Salem may not be “kid-friendly,” to say the least, and it is always better to avoid “looking for trouble.”

My only concern with your response to your sister was that you did not respect her authority as your nieces’ mother when you apparently said, “No way do I want my nieces there!” My guess is that she was asking for your opinion and your advice, and that she was not asking for your permission. That being the case, it would have been better to share your concerns, and – if she decided to go anyway – to offer to help her find appropriate activities for her family.

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