Should Chimps be Considered Human

  • Yes, Chimps should be considered persons
  • No, Chimps should not be considered persons
  • I don’t know

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Chimps are animals. They are part of God’s creation, so should be treated humanely, but they are still animals.


Chimps do not have souls, or reason, so they are not humans!
This is kind of a crazy poll, but it is interesting to see what others think. :wink:


They are primates. They are not human as it is defined. As to treatment Like F_ all God’s creatures should be treated as such (God’s creatures).


Given the realities of American politics today, maybe the better question is should humans be considered, chimps? (or chumps):thinking::wink:


They should be considered non-human primates.


:hear_no_evil:…:hear_no_evil:…:speak_no_evil: they may look like a few people I know but that does not make them part of the human race… =look to the rest of the posts…they are telling you the same.Did you just finish watching the ’ Planet of the Apes’ [ please, only kidding ]You made this thread interesting and funny…


Uh-oh, is that a GWB joke coming on? :hushed:

Should chimps be considered human?

Depends. Can they be trained to vote Democratic?

If not, then there is hope for them.



They will vote for whichever party stands a better chance of transforming the country into a banana republic.


How about this. Are chimpanzees sentient? They have culture of a kind (in other words they can transmit information across generations), they have some limited language abilities, they are tool users, they largely have the same emotions of humans, and they are very closely related genetically and behaviorally to humans. Cognitively they are among the most intelligent animals in the world.

None of this says they possess sentience to the degree that a human does, but that as much as anything is simply a matter of the number of neurons. But when you look at their behaviors and capabilities, are they sentient?


I don’t think so.

About as much as the average guest on the Jerry Springer show.


I don’t expect many here will.

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Depends on what the definition of sentient is. I use it to mean that they feel. I think animals are sentient that way. They do other things, like play, recognize individuals, etc.

I doubt they ponder which religion is true, or spend centuries pursuing whether or not Fermat’s theorem (mathematics) is true. They probably don’t torture themselves wondering if they are a “good dog” or not.

I might point out that the poll is confusing to me, since it uses both the term “human” and the term “person”. I do not equate these.

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Yes, I noted that. For the purposes of this, you may assume they are one and the same.

Is there a news article for this? It doesn’t seem like world news.

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They will rule over us one day in a new era, when they will become the stronger speicies, as humans will become weaker due to the infighting among themselves.

One does wonder…

There was a story posted earlier about two professors in Nova Scotia arguing this very point.

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