Should Christians assist the Jews to rebuild their Third Temple?

All Christians should support Jewish freedom of religion!

Since I began thinking about this issue several years ago I have done quite a bit of waffling back and forth but at this time in my life I am essentially certain that all Christians should pray and spend time studying this question and seriously consider giving our personal support to the ultimate expression of freedom of religion for the Jewish people which is the construction of the Third Temple complex and their right to offer kosher sacrifices therein.

I would like to introduce you to Mr. Boruch Fishman Director of People for a Bill to Build the Bet HaMikdash:
RE: Creating the blueprints for the Third Temple

Hi Mr. Tate:

I read about your support of the rebuilding of the Temple in Israel. I am
pasting below a letter I am sending out regarding efforts to create the
blueprints for the Temple. I would truly appreciate your support. And, if you are interested in more than mere personal support for the project, I will be happy to get together with you about ideas for a community project in your area.

By the way, while Gershon Soloman’s name is not mentioned in the letter, he is in the back of our minds as our project moves towards the actual building of the Temple.

Dear Sirs:

I am the Director of People for a Bill to Build the Bet HaMikdash, (the
Third Temple). My organization received important support from UNESCO this year,
when UNESCO put a link to my organization on their official web site. I
attribute this support to the fact that my organization is the only organization
in the community of organizations dedicated to rebuilding the Jewish Temple in
its place, which created a complete plan for rebuilding the Temple, which does
not rely on a miracle or act of violence. We also support the continuance and
safety of the Al Aksa Mosque, the third most important building to Moslems,
which sits on the southern part of the Temple Mount, no where near the location
of the ancient Jewish Temples.

Coupled with the above, my organization supports limited yet specific
exploration by world experts to determine the exact location of the earlier
Temples. And we support subsequent committee hearings between the City of
Jerusalem, the Waqf, the builders and UNESCO to discuss the all important
question of movement of structures, which do sit on top of the actual building
site. The International Association of Big Building Movers has also informed us
that there are two companies in the world capable of moving the beautiful Dome
of the Rock, a few hundred meters to the North-Western Corner of the Temple

I posted a similar thread over on the Catholics Global facebook group and Mr. Fishman himself already replied several times into the thread. This message from him will be especially relevant:


I wrote the letter about the Efforts to create architectural plans for the 3rd Temple, and a friend of Denis asked me to enter a comment here. Let me say, first off, that I am an Orthodox Jew, yet, at the same time, I was involved in an interfaith miracle in Baltimore, which is under investigation by the Archdiocese in Baltimore. The miracle and its sequel convinced me that the founder of Catholicism Yoshuah in Hebrew supports his fellow Jews, not to worship him, but to do commandments connected to Israel, including the rebuilding of the Temple.
In 1999, there was a terrible drought in Baltimore, and I went to the Rabbis to determine the proper prayer. After I said the prayer, I had the feeling that I had just talked on the phone to a deceased Roman Catholic named Alfredo DeLeonardo. Alfredo had been blessed by Pope John XXIII that he and his children would go to Heaven for 7 generations. Alfred’s daughter converted to Orthodox Judaism, and as a result I had a chance to talk with Alfred, on the telephone, one time before he died. I had a personal experience on the day of Alfred’s death, which convinced me that he had, indeed gone to Heaven. So when I made my prayer, and felt that I had just talked with Alfred, I believed that my prayer and Alfred were in Heaven. I went home and told my roommate to expect rain. He told me that it couldn’t rain, because he was moving to New Jersey to study Jewish law, and wouldn’t be finished until Friday. He believed that he was involved in a holy avocation, and his books and clothes, the appurtenances to his religious life, wouldn’t be ruined by rain during the move. He was so insistent, and the atmosphere was so holy, that I believed G-d would listen to him. So I said, because of you, the State will have to wait until Friday for rain. And that’s what happened. The first rain came on Friday, and then it was rain after rain after rain. As the rains continued, I contacted Monsignor Kenny of the Archdiocese court, and he listened to my story and then asked me to send him a copy. The connection with Jesus is obvious in that he passed along the key to Heaven to Peter, and it is obvious from this miracle that the key has been passed along to the modern Popes.
When I moved to Israel, I was invited to live in a hostel in the Old City of Jerusalem. I asked permission to build a booth in the hostel, as it was several days before our festival of the booths, when we pray for rain. The Arab manager told me the hostel, (which sits on property owned by King Abdullah), was religiously neutral and I couldn’t build a booth. Besides, he said that he knew if I built a booth it would bring rain, and he, (a merchant on the outdoor market), didn’t want rain. His words reminded me of the words of my roommate in Baltimore. I felt a parallel connection to the miracle in Baltimore, and believed that G-d would hold off the rains until this Arab did repentance and let me build a Succoth at that Hostel. That was 4 winters ago. Every winter since then, we have had less than the needed amounts of rain. And now, we have a serious drought in all parts of biblical Israel.
The connection with the Temple is that the prayers for rain during the holiday of Succoth, were commandments given to Jews related to the land of Israel, and they include bring sacrifice on the Temple Mount. We have a tradition in Israel that when the Temple is rebuilt that any nation brining a sacrifice on Succoth at the Temple will be blessed with rain the next year.
I would just like to add 2 other facts. We do not wish to “kick the Moslems off the Temple Mount.” My organization calls for preservation of the AL Aksa Mosque, the third most important building to Moslems, which sits on the Southern part of the Temle Mount, and not near the location of the Jewish Temple.
Secondly, this very month is an extremely special time for Jews. Every 28 years, we have a blessing we say for the sun, (not to the sun). This year is only the third time in our entire history that the blessing is being said on the day before Passover. The other two times were during the first redemption of the Jews from Egypt and during the second redemption of the Jews from Babylon.

Why would Christians do such a thing? The Jewish Sacrificial System has been replaced and has no power to forgive sins.

As a Christian I say YES! We should help our Jewish brethren to rebuild their Third Temple. If we read Romans !!, God HAS NOT rejected the Jews. They are still His chosen people. He may have chastised them, but He has never rejected them!

If we follow the teachings of Jesus and call ourselves Christians, then it is our duty to help our Jewish brethren. No matter your argument(s), it would be wrong to say no!

Romans also says that we are all grafted into the same vine. The dude who wrote that book also said that there is no longer Jew or Gentile. Where does it say that they are still the chosen people?

The Jews were His chosen people originally, therefore if He did not reject them then they are still His chosen people!!!

Wrong. The “Jews” are in fact, not really Jews in God’s eyes.

Romans 2:28 A man is not a Jew if he is only one outwardly, nor is circumcision merely outward and physical.

God has indeed rejected the Jews, unless they put their faith in Jesus Christ. The Apocalypse calls them fake Jews and a synagogue of Satan.

Revelation 3:9 I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars—I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you.

I’ve heard Jews say that in order to rebuild the 3rd temple, you will need to remove the islamic dome of the rock, otherwise it can’t be built. :shrug:

Then what you’re saying is that Paul is contradicting himself and that Revelation and Romans contradict each other?


Shalom Aleichem

No. According to the letter above the Dome of the Rock Mosque will not be touched.


Shalom Aleichem

golly … this question is just another example of how insane religion is? Gee, pick another fight, kill the infidels, yeah sounds like a great idea?

Let’s blow up the Islamic dome to build your temple. Then you guys can fight it out to see who your invisible friend loves the most. Let me tell ya … sounds great to us normal folks who aren’t willing to kill or harm others for the sake of a fairy tale (or any other reason for that matter beyond self-defense, or defense of loved ones and country & only if absolutely necessary). It seems that belief in this fallacy of an eternal spiritual paradise makes you guys even more dangerous.

Reading through these threads I see many of you guys hate Jews, Muslims, and I guess generally everyone who doesn’t think like you. Yeah … real Christ like? You guys rush out to protect little unfertilized embryos; but seem willing to start a war and kill “real” human beings at the drop of a hat. Real pro-life?

Don’t get me wrong, I think Muslims are even more crazy than Christians (and their prophet is hardly the example Christ was … though it’s probably mostly fiction). However, as I said elsewhere on this site, Christianity seems to attract people who are the opposite of who Christ was. The angry, judgmental, hateful, spiteful, quick to anger, etc. What irony?

JL: Christ himself is building the third Temple with living stones. If another earthly Temple is built, with animal sacrifices, it could only be an offense in rejecting Christ’s sacrifice.

Does Mr. Fishman have anything to do with the Temple Institute?

I came across this site several years back, when I was trying to find out what an ephod (Exodus 28:4) was.

Perhaps I have missed something, but I haven’t read anything pertaining to a Catholic advocating religious violence on this website. In addition, in regard to Christianity attracting individuals opposite of what Christ was, a key solution to this statement is that the Catholic Church is a hospital for sinners and sadly not all Christians will act as if they are Christ. Moreover, I have read a few of your posts in the past and I hope you take sometime to read some works by C.S. Lewis and G.K. Chesterton to balance out your viewpoints espoused by such individuals as Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens. By the way, I have been a long time reader of Hitchens, but I certainly don’t agree with his atheist views. Yet, what’s interesting is that his brother, Peter, a well known writer/columnist in Britain is a practicing Anglican. Thus, the two clash from time to time on religious matter.

All may post their arguments and reasons against help. I reiterate that in brotherly love we should help. 'Nuff said, period.


Shalom Eleichem

Would you be so kind as to point out the contradiction? Paul is saying the same thing Jesus said in Revelation. The Jews aren’t really God’s chosen people any more unless they are “grafted back in” through Faith in Jesus Christ.

Should we help Hindus build temples, Muslims build mosques, and Wiccans build another Stonehenge? I think Christians have enough to worry about with carrying out the command of Jesus to “disciple the nations baptizing them” to worry about building other religions.

Brotherly love demands that we lead them to Christ and his Church, not confirm them in their apostate religion. There is only ONE Sacrifice, that of Calvary. Supporting the building of a third temple only shows that we agree with them, we deny the Sacrifice of Jesus, and essentially denies our faith.

Christians cannot support the building of a Jewish temple any more than we help the Muslims in the building of a mosque.


Isn’t the Sacrifice of Christ sufficient? (This is what animal sacrifices prefigured.)

According to all schools of Biblical interpretation, this Third Temple will become the Temple of Antichrist.

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