Should Colleges run criminal/mental background checks on Students?

Not necessarily. While I fully support the right to bear arms, as an academic, if I did a well designed study that refuted their results I certainly would not hesitate to publish it in a top journal. For the simple reason that as an academic I have more to gain from publishing the article, even if it went against my biases.

I don’t dispute that there are academic hacks out there, but when top journals (even those with a conservative bias) publish articles that provide evidence for both sides of the issue, it suggests that the question is still unsettled.

And what does that have to do with the question of “Should Colleges run criminal/mental background checks on Students?”

I think we’ve all spun into a gun debate and that is not what the real topic of the thread is about.

Honestly, I don’t have a clue, I guess we are like ADD on steroids around here.

Criminal background checks, maybe. But if we start doing mental background checks we may start turning away anyone with the slightest mental illness. Is it only the mentally fit that should get an education? No. Everyone should have the same opportunity to improve themselves in education.

Jim, you make an excellent point. But just because a background check is run does not mean the student would not be admitted to the campus if it comes back with some level of instability. It may mean that the student is simply on some sort of watch list, perhaps has to check in with a councilor every other week for a quick check check up, etc. If your child (hypothetically speaking) was a roommate of a mentally troubled student wouldn’t you want to know that the school was at least providing some review of that student’s mental health on a regular basis?

Having been mentally ill myself, it is a violation of privacy to be forced to declare such. Society has to stop equating mental illness with violence. Criminal behavior is a sign of pathology which goes beyond mental illness. I was mentally ill all through my college years yet noone had to keep an eye on me and noone had any right to review my records.

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