Should congress lift their ban on offshore drilling?

should congress lift their ban on offshore drilling?

Heck yes. The ban should never have been imposed in the first place.

If anyone had any sense, then they would look back to the dawn of the space age, or the Human Genome Project.

Kennedy challenged the US to take a man to the Moon, from just having put a single man in Space. Technology increased logarithmically, not even exponentially, to the point that personal computers now literally fit into the palm of ones hand and are a billion times more powerful than the most powerful supercomputer of that age.

The HGP started with an estimated time frame of 30 years, and technology increased so fast that it was completed in just over a decade. We now can genetically engineer mice at the drop of a hat, and they can be ordered online and customized in Java applets in a webpage.

The X-Challenge, for PRIVATE space flight has now set the foundation for private space travel and capitalism in the market to reach out into space. You just might see “Holiday Inn Tranquility” in the not too distant future.

We need a “Energy Challenge”. When presented with a serious problem, the US will innovate and invent to the point that technology advances so fast, society can barely keep up.

The problem is that a challenge like that cold potentially destroy petroleum companies. That is if they don’t adapt and suck it up. Every major Age of humankind starts with the pushing into new Frontiers of exploration and the advancement of Technology.

The solution is not to drill offshore. Instead, the Engineers, scientists, and innovators need a hard challenge to ge them motivated.

No off shore drilling. Kick the oil habit. Protect the environment.

As much as I would welcome lower fuel prices and quasi-independence from foreign oil, I don’t think that offshore drilling is the answer… I don’t think any oil is the answer. Certainly we have enough coal and oil to last a couple of hundred years, but the state of the environment in those years is of dubious grandeur. We’re already facing trouble…let’s not keep “being bad” as it were until we are forced to be “good”… let’s instead try to be as eco-friendly as we can with regards to new/innovative fuels. It will be better for the earth and its inhabitants (I hope) and it will also create more American jobs, something which is in very high demand (at least where I live).

Drill, drill and drill. We need oil UNTIL we can come up with a reasonable alternative, I prefer hydrogen, but these take time.
Or, we could continue burning food (corn), slicing birds into chunks (wind farms) or fouling the air (coal).
The answers are there, but they take time to develop. In the mean time, drill, build refineries and build nuke plants. They all work, and preserve national security.

What are your plans for the period of time between no oil and alternative energy?

What are your plans for those of us that like to eat, stay warm and get to work?

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While I agree somewhat, Engineers have been looking for a fuel alternative for decades and don’t you think if they found one, it would have been out by now?

While I agree we need an alternative fuel source that is eco friendly we also need a temporary fix to the crisis we’re in. I think off shore drilling would fix that. I was watching fox news and I heard during a discussion about how they could get drills out there and pumping in as little as 2 years. I think thats a viable alternative.

Developing an eco friendly fuel source will take at least 10 more years if not more, the off shore drilling should at least alleviate the temporary problems until we get another fuel source.

I couldn’t answer the poll because none of the choices looked good to me.

In the 1970s, oil prices were high and the US began exploring alternative energy sources. But after 1980 or so, oil prices dropped and we largely abandoned developing our alternative energy sources.

Now we are back again in the same pickle as the 1970s. I think we need to develop alternatives to oil. I worry that proposals to expand drilling will placate our desire to develop alternative energy.

I don’t think drilling is the answer, although it may have a role as one of many answers. We need to develop a comprehensive energy plan, not fall back into old, easy habits.

I work for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. About 25 years ago we had a conference to discuss alternate fuel, which I attended. At that time these alternate fuels were already in existence but they needed to do a lot of work to develop ways to use these alternative fuels to decrease our dependence on oil. The car manufacturers refused to build cars to use alternate fuels until outlets (non-gas stations) were in place and the alternate fuel developers refused to open outlets for their fuels until there were cars on the road to purchase and use the fuels. Well, here we are 25 years later and practically no alternate fuels vehicles.

The U.S.EPA has a fleet of cars that use gas only as a secondary fuel, but it is a real pain to buy the primary fuel because the outlets are so few and far between. When the American people say enough! We are no longer going to be oil addicts then these alternates will miraculously become available. People are getting there fast look at the waiting list for hybrid vehicles.

I live in Chicago, lots of cloudy days. But if I were willing to make an investment (admittedly a large one) I could successfully get all of my electricity from solar panels. Now if that is possible in Chicago, there probably aren’t too many places in the U.S. that couldn’t do the same.

We have a very small percent of the world’s population in this country, but we use a huge percent of the world’s natural resources. Then we act as if it is our right to exploit the entire planet for our personal comfort. This has got to stop.

I’m not voting based on the nonsensical options provided. It’s obviously biased.

The oil companies have millions of acres in leases that they aren’t exploring as well as a lot of capped wells that were producing. Those wells aren’t producing now because the oil companies are enjoying the malignant profits they are raking in.

To the oil companies and their land leases: use them or lose them.

Not only that, but as a resident of southern California, I have to say that I LIKE having our beaches free from crude oil and tar. Other Californians think the same which is why we don’t want drilling on our beaches.

But go ahead with that. See how many votes it gets ya.

We aren’t talking about exploiting the “world’s” resources, only using our own. We are a country abundant in resources that would not only benefit us but could allieviate demand in other countries as well. There are newer, safer, cleaner technologies for refining fuel. We could institute a federal gasoline standard. We could be using nuclear energy and cut oil demand significantly.

Anyone who says it wouldn’t take DECADES to change our energy infastructure to “clean” energy is LYING. Sorry, it’s as simple as that. Drastically reducing oil consumption will hurt most American families who will no longer be able to get to work (if they still have jobs) or feed their families.

We must start drilling now to bridge the gap to a new energy infastructure. Offshore drilling is the best alternative to exploring other sources of oil reserves like tar sands. To do anything less will be a catastrophe to the US dollar and low to middle class families. Oh how I hope common sense finally prevails on this issue.

You could currently feed the country if most people do not work. Only 1% of the population is involved in agriculture.

Yes! I’ve never quite understood why we’re — willingly it seems — at the mercy of other oil producing nations when we’ve got a large supply of oil in our own. I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but has it ever occurred to anyone that the price we’re charged for a barrel of oil seems to be arbitrary?

the best reason for domestic drilling is to diminish our dependence on foreign oil. exploration and drilling doesn’t account for major spills. it is in the transportation of oil where major spills have occured. we will always need diesel fuel for our military.

the last thing we need is big government to solve the problem. we don’t need to put our hope in some political candidate.

if we all owned land and had the potential to some limited farming, we would be much better off as a society.

You hit on an important point. The fact is: this country is run by people who are more concerned with our place in the “global community” rather than the health of the nation. The high cost of oil is only one visible symptom of the overall disease.

If most people don’t work then how many will starve because of lack of funds. Both public and personal. Could the government afford to “take care of us” if there were no taxpayers working?:shrug:

Get real the workers are the ones that care for everyone else. Even politicians acknowledge this.

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