Should every couple learn NFP?


I have a question related to NFP. If a couple does not have a just reason to postpone pregnancy, should they learn a method of NFP anyways just in case they ever do need it, even if they feel they may be tempted to avoid intercourse during fertile days to delay pregnancy for selfish reasons? I am talking about a couple that has a general notion of when the wife, who is very regular, might be fertile (comparable to the outdated rhythm method). They are familiar with how the female cycle works and have a general notion of the different signs of the different modern NFP methods, but have never really taken a complete formal class nor practiced it.

The worry comes from a priest mentioning that a couple that decides to not plan out the children were being “stupid” despite if they felt they were trying to do God’s Will. He mentioned that “the mother would end up with 5 little ones at once” if the couple did not use NFP.

I know it may be harder to learn a method when and if a serious reason arises, but would it be wrong to wait, especially if the couple feels it may be a temptation to be selfish?

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No one is obliged to use NFP. To be open to life and accept several children in a row is not stupid! Trying to do the Lord’s will is never stupid. People are free to use NFP or not. What they are not free to do is to contracept!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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