Should I accept bullying as a cross?

I am being bullied and manipulated by a co-worker; she was once in authority over me, is not anymore. She pushes much of her work over on me, then spends personal time on the phone or Internet. One boss says she is not to use me like this; I was not hired to be her deputy. Another allows her to do this and I can’t get a clear answer from them. If I feel she genuinely needs assistance, I stop my own work and help her but she has taken great advantage of my helpfulness. I am not sure how to handle this in a Christian manner. I am praying for her because she is moody and appears angry a lot of the time.

You see, a few weeks ago, I told God I was willing to accept a cross for a very special intention. This seems to be it. I am happy to bear it but should I just let her do this to me or should I stand up to her? I am confused. I know if the cross were an illness, I would of course seek medical help, but what about this situation? I should mention I was a victim of a lot of bullying when I was young and I developed panic attacks for which I still have to take medication. I am 50 now and I can’t sleep with this stress going on, and have nightmares. I need some wise advice!

I recommend explaining to both bosses that you want to focus on your own work, which needs your attention and for which you were hired. Ask them to please handle the co-worker. Then when your co-worker tries to push work on you, just say pleasantly, over and over again if necessary, “No, I’m sorry, but I don’t have time. I have my own work to finish. If you need help, please talk with your supervisor.”

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