Should I acknowledge that I am assigned as beneficiary?


Here’s the story… my cousin who is male, single, well-to-do and in his mid-seventies has decided to assign me as his beneficiary for his pension. He did not contact me (as I do live out of town), but had my mother contact me to obtain the necessary documents (address, birth cert., etc.). My question; when I see him at Thanksgiving should I acknowledge this, or just let it be? I am so honored just knowing he would consider me out of all the relatives. I really would love to let him know how touched I am that he thinks me worthy, but I’m also afraid that he might take it the wrong way. On the other hand, I’m thinking he may have chose me because of the person I am and therefore, already knows how I feel.


Wow, how kind!

Maybe just a short and simple note of thanks…

“I’m honored… thank you.” should suffice.


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