Should I ask a priest to hear my confession or wait until after Easter?

I feel like I’ve been going to confession almost every other week lately, but I’ve fallen (again) into what I think is a mortal sin, and I know I need to go to confession before I can go to Communion again.

My question is, with it being such a busy time for the Church, right before the Triduum, should I maybe wait until after Easter to ask a priest if he will hear my confession? I fear it would be selfish to ask for one to hear my confession before Easter, especially since I know that no matter how sorrowful I am now for having committed this sin it probably won’t be long before I find myself strongly attracted to and falling into it again. I hate to admit it but I do seem to repeatedly fall into the same traps.


Have to checked your parish schedule?

A lot of parishes will offer confessions through Wednesday. my parish did tonight and tomorrow night…

Don’t wait!!

Call your priest and I am sure he can find 5-10 minutes for you. My parish is hearing confessions every day this week after the AM mass at (7am & 9am). Check your parish bulletin and see if there are extra times scheduled.

No wayward dont wait. I suffer from impurity addiction and I know what it feels like to keep falling and to keep having to go to confession. There is so much shame inside me sometimes that I dont feel like there is any hope. Yet there is hope! Christ knows my heart and He knows Im sorry and I know Christ is working through the priest in the confessional. Christ loves you wayward and is waiting for you to come to Him to receive His mercy and start anew. Dont wait just go. I still struggle but it will get better and so will you.

When we don’t get back up it hurts God more than the fall itself.

God bless

If a priest can’t take a time out for your confession at any time,what can he do?


Seeing how the Church requires Catholics to go to Confession during Lent and receive Communion on Sunday, you really need to get to confession before Easter so You can receive communion on Sunday.


I’m all for going to confession so you can receive communion on Sunday, but it is NOT required. The rule is to receive communion at least once a year, preferably during the Easter season (which lasts from Easter until Pentecost, 50 days later).

Yes, but it is required to receive communion on Easter.

No, not on Easter, during the Easter Season which starts with Easter and lasts 50 days until Pentecost.

This is just my opinion and I’m sure there will be many who disagree but here goes.If its a mortal sin that’s sort of an addiction(gettting drunk,masturbation,and various simular kinds)even though they are serious one does not commit them out of pure disobedience.They can’t control themselves and they are sorry before and after they have committed them and during.They should never stop praying and asking God to help them overcome this addiction but its illogical to spend night and day confessing the same sin over andf over again.If it is an addictive kind of sin I would suggest to go to confession regularly say once a week or every other week and not to worry excessively about it.If your sincere God will over time help you rid yourself of this.God bless you.

One of the problems with that is that we are not good judges of our own actions or motivations and we tend towards rationalization. When a person thinks he/she can’t control themselves they start to think “Well, I can’t help it, so it is not wrong for me” This is an extremely slippery slope.

Going to confession as soon as possible is the main medicine for curing this type of sin.

I agree and disagree. I know that the condition of the persons problem (ex. addiction) can lessen the gravity of the sin that person is struggling with. I also know that we receive special graces from the sacrament of confession to overcome the sins we confess so I try to go as soon as possible whenever I fall…sometimes my shame gets the better of me. I would recommend the person speak with their confessor and explain what they are fighting with. This will allow the individual to seek an opinion other than our own since we are prone to justify or lessen the gravity of our own actions.

JoanM:you make a good point.

There were no scheduled confessions in my deanery for this week, but I asked my pastor and he heard my confession. I still feel really bad, though, for taking up his time like that when he is already so busy, what with it being right before Easter and all. At the same time, I am relieved to be back in Communion with the Church and to be able to receive Communion tomorrow evening and at all the Masses throughout the Triduum.

Apparently, after Holy Thursday, there can be no confessions heard during the Easter Triduum except in danger of death?

That’s what my pastor said - is this true?


GO to confession…do not wait :slight_smile: You can even just call and ask to come by.

Or even knock on the door…

Then REJOICE at Easter!

Absolutely NOT true. He is misinformed. Such is the case with certain sacraments…not Confession!

There was some confusion in an earlier edition of the missal where this was not clear…so that is prob. what he is thinking of.

The Missal having to do with the Mass…was taking about the Eucharist when it said the tradition was not to celebrate the Sacraments during this period…

Such was clarified by the Holy See. But it seems not everyone realizes this.

The 2002 Roman Missal expressly states that the exception is Confession and the anointing of the sick (praeter Paenitentiae et Infirmorum Unctionis) to make things clear.

(above info lifted from a Priest’s blog…I do not have a Latin copy of the Missal :))

At my Parish they even have scheduled confession on Good Friday…and a Shrine I go to has confessions basically all day on Good Friday and Holy Saturday.

Here this will help…a letter from the Cong. for Divine Worship affirms that Confession can be heard during the Triduum (such as Good Friday and Holy Saturday)

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