Should I Assume Host Fragment

I’m aware that this question may be scrupulous, but please let me ask. After receiving the Eucharist and consuming it ( or atleast mostly), I coughed. Where I coughed I noticed a white speck. Should I assume that it is a host fragment and consume it or can I assume not? There are similar speck on that sleeve so they could be from something I rubbed up against today. For that reason consuming that speck kind of scares me.

Well I don’t want to exacerbate any scrupulosity, if I do please forgive me, but yes I would definitely consume it.

OK; if I can find it. I chose to assume not, until I was told otherwise and walked around outsode for a while, since I posted that. So it could have fallen off. I could consume every white speck which is still on my sleeve though. If I knew for a fact that it was a piece of the Eucharist than I would have consumed --and I know you are supposed to do that – but the idea that I could consume something that wasn’t grossed me out. Should I consider myself excommunicated for descecrating the Eucharist just in case it did fall off and was the Eucharist?

Oh absolutely not. You are not culpable for accidents. God knows your heart. Honestly I probably shouldn’t have said what I did. Just do the best you can. God understands, I promise.

So in that case am I not obligated to consume the fragments in the general area of my cough to be on the safe side?

If it’s the Body and Blood of Jesus it has to be consumed.
Find it. Examine it -use a magnifying glass, taste it. See if it is communion.
If it is communion after a one hour fast consume it.
The Lord’s Body is Sacred and cannot be left if it is His True Presence.

How do I tell? I don’t have a magnifying glass nor are they large enough to taste. So there’s no way to find which if any are the Body of Christ. I mean they could be skin fragments from my chapped lips since that’s the arm I cough into. Or what if they are paint fragments (I don’t know how they’d have gotten there) or something that could make me sick. They are small.

This is why none of us should probably comment on this. I apologize if I have caused you anxiety. Perhaps you could email your priest?

That’s okay. I don’t have a priest I can email. Well I do, but I’m embarrassed to ask them. Also, I’m scared to move out of my chair in the fear that I could accidentally loe the Eucharist, if he’s in fact there. I’m also, worried because I tried to quickly consume some after I ate, thinking it would be better to solve the problem rather than wait for an hour. Now I definitely sound like a mess. I’m sorry. Don’t think this was your fault, my anxiety was already getting hear prior to reading your comment.

It’s OK to ask questions. :slight_smile:

Again I apologize but I feel compelled to respond again since I responded to begin with. Don’t be embarrassed to email your priest about a question like this. It shows piety and that’s a good thing. As I said, God knows your heart. Beyond that I would prefer to say no more. Hopefully Fr David or another member of the clergy can comment for us.

I guess I’m just going to consume all of the fragments once it’s been an hour since I ate. Should I consider the previous attempts at consuming the fragments as breaking the communion fast since there’s a possibility that I did consume the Eucharist, if it were there to begin with.

Thanks for the replies. I do appreciate them.

Edit: About my priest: he’s at a conference and probably wouldn’t be able to get back to me for a few days.

I would say it is not breaking the fast. I would also still recommend you contact a member of the clergy to put your mind at ease.

I’ll try after Mass tomorrow. :frowning: How many of the specks should I try to consume? I already tried a good number in the gener area and there are still more. Doing so has made my anxiety worse; it could be feeding into my OCD – the issue of not knowing what I’ve consumed is scary.

I do know enough about Catholic teaching to know that once the bread breaks down enough to no longer be discernible as bread it is no longer the Body. So I believe you have nothing to worry about. God is always loving and merciful. But if you are worried consulting a priest will put your mind at ease.

This might help:

You know, you have received some very bad and incorrect advice here. Please read the link the previous poster has given for Church teaching on the subject. Minute particles that cannot be identified as bread are no longer considered to be the Body of Christ. There is no need for magnifying glasses, etc.

I am sorry that your anxiety has increased because of this. Perhaps you would be much better off posing such questions to your priest rather than here so you can receive correct answers and not have your OCD fed into.

I would recommend this to anyone who is scrupulous. Please talk to your priest.

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