Should I attend a friend's "Re-baptism"?

Hi, I have a question concerning a good friend of mine. He grew up going to Catholic schools all his life, but I assume he was not well-catechized because he abandoned his Catholic roots. He chose to attend a nondenominational church when he went to college.

Now that he is here in college, he is experimenting with many different beliefs, being most persuaded with those of a “local” (50 mi. away) Primitive Baptist church. He wants to join that church, but they want him to be baptized again (I’m assuming because he was baptized as an infant) in a nearby river.

His other friends and he want me to attend this event, knowing that I am a Christian in the Catholic tradition. However, I want to make my opposition to his actions known. Should I go, knowing completely about their hostility to my Catholic faith? Or should I avoid it in protest, explaining to him why I refuse to attend? I’m afraid my attendance would show support.

I know that the baptism they do is meaningless since he’s already been properly baptized.

The following link should help answer your question. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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