Should I attend mass this weekend or not?

Yesterday, I think the Dr. told me that I had a cold that had gotten into my bronchial tubes and I was diagnosed with a bad case of bronchitis. I was given some kind of shot and after filling my medicine at the pharmacy, I went back to the Front Desk to ask how long I would be contagious after starting antibiodics. The person asked the Dr and said as long as I wasn’t running a fever. This information conflicts with information I found online/and with what the safety lady at work said (she read online I was highly contagious based on what I had described). So I did dial a nurse and she suggested I stay home. My Mom who is a RN, said I wasn’t contagious. My question is, what should I do, should I stay home or go to mass. I’m a scrupulous person who wants to do the right thing but I don’t want to commit a mortal sin by missing mass…or possibly sinning by attending when possibly contagious and potentially infecting someone with a compromised immune system. What should I do?


Either way, you won’t sin. I think that I would stay home and rest up.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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